Wizard101 VIP Membership Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to be had of getting a Wizard101 VIP membership. If you do not know, Wizard101 is a MMORPG which is designed for children and teenagers. Basically in Wizard101 you are a student who is learning Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you will be given the task of trying to save the universe from various enemies.

While you can play Wizard101 for free through the free membership, you will find that there are things you cannot do unless you have the paid membership. Not only does having the membership give you more options and access in the game, but it also makes the game much easier to get through. You will find that the more you progress in the game, the more valuable the membership is.

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Now we are going to move on and tell you all of the benefits that you get by having the paid VIP membership to Wizard101. Remember that you will get all of these benefits plus more for the extent that you have the paid membership to Wizard101, but if you end your paying membership the benefits will go away.

Wizard101 Membership Benefits

All Worlds Are Yours- In Wizard101 there are many different worlds available for you to play on. If you have the free membership you will have access to quite a few of these worlds. However, you will notice there are some worlds that are not available to you unless you get the VIP membership to the game. If you get the paid membership then you will have unrestricted access to all of the worlds in the game, which gives you more enjoymennt.

Message Boards- If you are a member of Wizard101 then you will also have access to the message boards. Only the paying members of the game have access to the message boards. These message boards are there to give you tips and tricks if you get stuck and also serve as a great way to interact with other players in the game.

Emotes– If you decide to get the Wizard101 membership then you will also have emotes that are exclusive to only the members. These special member-only emotes are really cool and they will allow you more ways to communicate with your friends in the game.

Derby Races and Ranks- You are able to get into the ranked derby races if you become a member of the game. These ranked derby races are for members only and it allows you more ways to compete in the game and more ways you can interact with other players. You also will be able to make more friends this way if you are someone who ranks in the top of the derby races.

PVP Ranked Matches– Another benefit of having the membership to Wizard101 is that you have access to ranked PVP matches. PVP stands for player-vs-player and you can rank and play the ranked matches as many times as you want. There is no limit to the amout of PVP ranked matches that you can play if you are a member and this is also an exclusive offer for the paid members.

More Friend List Abilities– If you become a paying member of Wizard101 you will have a bigger friends list. This benefit is great because you will be able to have up to 150 friends in your friends list and this is a lot higher than the normal friends list you get with the free membership.

Better and Larger Backpack- One cool benefit of the membership to the game is that you will have a bigger and better backpack. You can put all of your potions into this backpack and it allows you to carry more items on you. Using a bigger backpack means you will have more special abilities during battle and you will not have to leave certain potions behind since you can carry all of the items you need now in a bigger backpack.

Quicker Pet Hatching- Becoming a VIP member allows you to have a quicker pet hatching time which means that you will not have to sit there and wait for hours for your pets to hatch. You also will have quicker crafting times as well. This means that you will be able to do more in the game since you will not be waiting on all of the timers to complete, which can take hours or days sometimes. The quicker pet hatching and crafting also allows you to do better in battle which is always a good thing.

Energy Regen Improvements- A really nice benefit of having a Wizard101 membership is that you will notice improvements to the energy regen. One of the improvements you will notice is that you have a quicker energy regen whcih means that you will get your energy back quicker. Sometimes it can take a while to regain your energy. As a member you will be able to get your energy back within minutes and this allows you to go into battle with a higher chance of winning since you will regain energy a lot quicker.

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