Why You Should Let Your Child Play MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet is a really unique and fun virtual world for children that is ran through the browser on your PC. This world is fun for younger children and teenagers of all ages. As a parent, you might be concerned about the games your child is playing online. While we understand the concern parents have, we wanted to dive into why MovieStarPlanet is such a great interactive and virtual world for kids.

You can head to our website to get a free VIP membership code for MovieStarPlanet. If you are not sure if the VIP membership is a good idea, you also can have your child play on the free membership for a while. The free membership comes with a lot of the activities that the VIP membership does, but you can earn more in-game rewards and get exclusive items if you are a VIP member. We know a lot of people might not have the money to get the VIP membership or might only get one for a short amount of time.

Regardless of which membership you choose for your child, there are a lot of benefits to letting them play on MovieStarPlanet. Playing the free membership account lets them get a feel for the game and also provides many benefits overall. We wanted to tell you about some of the biggest benefits and reasons why you should let your child play this game. There are a lot of benefits to getting involved in this online world even if the children are a little younger.

Benefits of MovieStarPlanet for Children

Enhances Creativity- One of the biggest benefits to your children is that MovieStarPlanet really enhances creativity. This virtual world is all about being creative, such as by making artbooks or making movies. If you have a younger child, they really could learn a lot by getting into this game. They might find that they love fashion or that they love creating animated movies for other people to enjoy. Even if your child thinks they have no skills when it comes to making a movie, editing a movie, or fashion, they might quickly find out differently about themselves. This virtual world is all about being unique and making your avatar personal to you, which gives your child so many options in terms of being creative.

Builds Self-Esteem– Since in MovieStarPlanet you can make movies and possibly win awards if you have a good enough movie, this virtual world is great for building self-esteem. If you have a child who thinks that they aren’t good at anything, get them involved in MovieStarPlanet. Once your child begins making movies and dressing up their avatar, they will get recognized by other people in the game. As your child becomes more famous in the game, they will find that they have more overall self-esteem. This is because they are figuring out through the game that they have skills and people are recognizing those skills.

Teaches Teamwork- Another great benefit of MovieStarPlanet is that it teaches teamwork. There are aspects of the game, such as in the fashion show, where teamwork is important. You might have to rely on someone else to help you out or just simply help vote on some of the best in the fashion show. Other times you might be asked to be an extra in a movie for someone else. Saying yes and helping other people in the virtual world teaches children about teamwork. Exchanging gifts with people in the game is also possible and it’s a great way to teach children to work together to get what you want.

Provides Social Interaction with All Groups of People- You can chat in MovieStarPlanet and this is really another huge benefit in the game for kids. Your children will get social interaction with people from all over the world in this game. If you want your children to learn about other cultures or just interact with people from another country, it’s all possible to do in this game. You will realize that people of all ages from all areas of the world play this game. Your children will have the ability to talk to people and socialize with them. This allows them to learn about other people and cultures in a space that is safe.

Great Financial Lessons in the Game- In MovieStarPlanet, you will have in-game currency that you can use to buy clothing items, furniture, and much more. This means that there are many different financial lessons your children can gain from playing this game. If your child really wants a certain outfit, then they will have to save their in-game money to get it. There are also times where you might need to spend money in order to win an award or contest. Your child will learn about prioritizing items so that they get what they need now and save for items they want. Teaching your children the value of money and working to make that money is possible in this game. You mostly do not get free currency in the game as most of it has to be earned, and that in itself is a great lesson for children.

Teaches Children About Losing Gracefully- There are fashion shows and movie competitions among many other fun activities in MovieStarPlanet. A benefit of this game is that it will teach your child how to lose gracefully when they don’t win something. Not everyone will win the movie competitions or the fashion shows, and only a few do out of thousands of entries. Your child will be able to learn the concept of being happy for the winners of that activity, and not feeling sorry for themselves if they didn’t win. Losing gracefully and the fact not everyone will get a trophy is a great life lesson that MovieStarPlanet can teach your child.

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