What To Know About the Bunny in Animal Jam

In Animal Jam, you enter a virtual world where you can learn about animals and endangered species. This fun virtual world for children allows you to play games, learn about animals, make friends, chat with friends, and dress up your avatar. You can collect animals and pets in the game, decorate their dens, and just have a good old time. Animal Jam offers a free membership and a paid membership. The paid membership gives you more VIP features, such as access to free premium currency known as Diamonds. If you are on the basic free membership, you will have a hard time collecting any premium currency unless you buy it.

The standard currency in Animal Jam are gems, and gems can be used to buy items from the in-game store. Even though you can play Animal Jam on the free membership or the paid membership, there are certain animals that are available for everyone just starting out in the game. One of the animals we wanted to talk to you about is the bunny. The bunny is so adorable and it is one of the animals available for those on the free membership. Keep on reading to learn all about the bunny in Animal Jam, including some interesting facts about the bunny.

Animal Jam Guide: All About the Bunny

When it comes to the Bunny in Animal Jam, this is a land animal that is available for all members of the game. You will be able to get the bunny on the free membership, and the specific species is the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. This is available to all Jammers and the Alpha is known as Peck. The bunny was first released back in July 2010, and it is one of the six animals available during the beta testing. The other animals included the tiger, monkey, panda, wolf, and koala. If you want to buy the bunny it will cost you 1,000 gems.

As far as the appearance of the bunny, the default appearance is rosy-pink ears, soft-white fur, and faded out red eyes. The bunny has a block head and it is quite large in appearance, and there is a pink nose on the bunny. The bunny has one folded ear that goes downward, and it also has some pretty stubby paws. A small piece of fur comes up from the top of the bunny’s head. The bunny in Animal Jam looks similar to what a cottontail bunny looks like in real life, including the head, tail, ears, and overall shape.

Animal Jam Bunny Facts

When it comes to various facts about the bunny, the default one looks albino. Meaning, it is very white and has no real pattern. The default color of the bunny cannot be obtained again once it is changed. This means that the default color pattern is not available on the color palette. The bunny has a pet counterpart known as the pet bunny. In Animal Jam, there is also an exclusive party that only bunnies can attend. Only the regular bunnies and spring bunnies can go to the bunny-only party. Both the regular bunny and the spring bunny are considered to be the two smallest animals in the game.

The bunny even has a game in Animal Jam called Tunnel Town, and there are hundreds of species of bunnies revealed in this game. If you get the bunny dancing, you will notice the back ear will begin to layer above the front ear with only certain patterns. In the beta testing, the bunny looked a little different as back then it had cream-colored fur. Once the beta testing was completed, the bunny ended up moving to the white fur. We actually saw the bunny back in the beta testing phase, and we thought the cream-colored fur looked really cool. The cream-color was definitely nice to look at, but the white fur helps the bunny stand out when you are playing the game. The cream-colored fur did seem to blend in a little too much in different parts of Jamaa.

There are a few glitches in Animal Jam involving the bunny too. Did you know if you put a tutu on the bunny and he begins to play, it looks like the tutu is on the head of the bunny? That is one of the glitches and there are a few others too. If you put the Spirit Tail Armor on the bunny, it will be invisible in the game itself but will show up on the Player Card. If you put the Mystical Faerie Wings on the bunny, it looks like the wings are in a different color that is not even available for this item. Lastly, if you put the tutu on the bunny and it begins to dance, it will look like the bunny has went into mid air.

These are just some of the most interesting facts that we know of in regards to the bunny. If you are looking for a non-member animal to play in Animal Jam, the bunny is a great choice. We love playing with the animals that were in the beta testing phase because they are the originals to the game. There is something cool about using one of the few animals that were around in the beginning of Animal Jam. Definitely a cute animal that has a great personality and makes for some cool glitches throughout the game. All of the animals in Animal Jam are great and fun though, so no matter which one you choose, you will have a ton of fun with them.

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