What Club Penguin Can Teach Your Child

Club Penguin is one of the best games out there for children because not only is it really fun, but it also is very educational as well. If you have not heard of Club Penguin before, it is a massively multiplayer online game that puts your children inside of a winter-themed virtual world. You can play games, chat, make friends, and play various activities throughout the game. While most parents might think that Club Penguin is just a place where children go to talk and play games, there are actually a lot of really educational things going on in the game that allow your child to learn various life and social skills through the setup of a game world.

If you have a child and have been thinking about letting them play Club Penguin, here are some things you should know about what your child might learn if he or she is involved in this winter-themed virtual world.

Skills Children Learn Through Club Penguin

Creativity- Your child can learn a lot about being creative through playing Club Penguin because this game is all about being creative and unique. You can dress up your penguin in the game any way that you want to and also can decorate your igloo to your own specific tastes. Children will learn about how to make their penguin-avatar and their penguin home different from everyone else, which allows them to show their creative side and artistic abilities.

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Creativity also comes into play when you think about how to win a game or how to solve a puzzle, so your child will have to find ways to solve problems they experience in the game.

Motor Skills- Even though you might not think games are educational, a lot of the games on Club Penguin deal with motor skills and improving motor skills through various types of activities. Children will have to practice hand-eye coordination in order to beat some of the games on Club Penguin and it will help them have better motor skills in the real world. In Club Penguin you also have to type a lot, so children are enhancing their typing abilities and coordination with typing at the same time.

Even when your child is chatting with a friend in the game, they are getting a lot of motor skill action and typing in, which can only benefit them later on in school and in work.

Learning about Money- When your child plays Club Penguin they will also be learning about money, such as how you earn money by working, and then they will learn the value of money as well. In this game, your child can save up for items that they want in the game with their coins, so they will need to learn how to save their money and be wise with their money. They will learn a lot of money management skills in Club Penguin since they have to play games and activities to earn the coins, then decide how they want to allocate those coins for items they want or need.

This is especially useful if you have a child who is constantly asking you to buy them things and do not realize the hard work and value of a dollar. This game will teach them that you spend a lot of time to earn the money you have and that you just do not want to waste it on silly things or things you do not need.

Teamwork and Team Building- When you play Club Penguin you also have to work together on a lot of activities, and this teaches your child about team work and team building. You will have to work together to solve puzzles and various mysteries in the game, such as how to find all of the dinosaur eggs. Through these team exercises your child will learn how to work together to achieve a goal and how you should build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Being positive and cheering on members of your team is important all throughout your life, especially when you get older and have to work with multiple people on projects. Club Penguin teaches your child that it takes everyone working together to get things done, and it also teaches your child about pulling their own weight on a project and not slacking off waiting for someone else to do the work.

Being Responsible- Club Penguin teaches your child a number of ways to be responsible, including with the whole money management theme of the game. Your child will learn that they can earn more coins by working in the Pizza Parlor, in which a lot of children end up doing at some point in the game.

There is also items that can make their igloo look better and be stronger, and your child will want to keep their igloo looking as sharp as possible, thus teaching them about responsibility and ownership. Even if you have a younger child, Club Penguin can help teach them the basics about responsibility and how it is important that you take care of your things, including your accessories and items in the game.

Various Environmental and Global Issues- There are a lot of environmental and global or social issues that Club Penguin addresses through things like the Coins for Change program. Your child will learn about the people who need help and are worse off than they are, and will learn about helping other people and the world around them in the process. This can be things like AIDS and other health issues that impact our society both in America and elsewhere or something like helping out the World Wildlife Fund and efforts to save animals that are endangered.

Through these programs and various campaigns your child will learn about global issues affecting millions of people and animals, and will know ways they can help make things better for the less fortunate people and animals.

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