What Can Diamonds Be Used for in Animal Jam?

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency in Animal Jam and are useful in all areas of Jamaa Township. Unless you have an Animal Jam paid membership, they are very hard to get just through the game itself. This premium currency, mostly reserved for those premium memberships, is used to get special items in the game. The Diamonds showed up in Animal Jam back in 2013, alongside of the Diamond Shop. This special Diamond Shop is where you have to go if you want to spend your diamonds. The Diamond Shop is always getting new items in, so you can go there every week and find something new to spend your Diamonds on. The normal Animal Jam Shop is where you go if you want to spend your gems, which are the normal currency in Animal Jam.

Did you know that the Diamonds in the game appear in various sizes? They are all sparkly and will appear with a highlight at the top. The Diamonds are all the same color though, as you will notice the light blue appearance in all of the Diamonds. The Diamond icon is at the top of your player screen, and this is where you can quickly look to see how many diamonds you have. We thought it would be a good idea to talk about these Diamonds and what you can buy with them.

What Diamonds Are Used to Purchase in Animal Jam


There are a lot of pets available in Animal Jam, with some of these pets being exclusive pets for members who have the Diamonds. Certain pets are member-only options, while other pets require Diamonds because they are rare. If you want to get a unique pet in Animal Jam, use the Diamonds to purchase these more rare and exotic animals.


In Animal Jam, certain unique and rare dens require you to use Diamonds in order to purchase them. These are often times the bigger and more luxurious dens, which is why you need premium currency in order to get them. Some of the dens are also exclusive items for members, which is also why Diamonds are the currency required.


You can also get a lot of music in Animal Jam, but the Diamonds are required if you want to buy any music in the game. Music could be useful to some people, especially if you want to make your den unique and make your gaming experience more special. To get the music, use the Diamonds to find just the right song for you.

Studio Corner

Studio Corner is where you need to go if you want to get art-themed items for your den. All of the art items to turn your den into a masterpiece are found in Studio Corner. You will need to use the Diamonds in order to purchase some of those items found in Studio Corner. Not everything in Studio Corner requires Diamonds, but the better and more rare artwork does indeed require the Diamonds.


Did you know you can use your Diamonds to purchase gems? Yes, it is possible to use the premium currency in Animal Jam to purchase the normal currency used in the game. If you are a VIP member and have a ton of Diamonds, then this is likely when you would trade in the Diamonds for the gems. You will need to head to the Diamond Exchange in order to change out the Diamonds to gems. It is important to note you cannot change gems to Diamonds though.

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