What Are Pets Only Parties in Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is a very fun game for a child that involves creating a pet and exploring a virtual world known as Jamaa. In Animal Jam, you can create your pet, name it, give it a den for a home, dress it up, and customize your pet to your personality. You also can play games, chat with friends, and even go on adventures and cool missions where you learn about the environment and other pets.

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You can play Animal Jam either on a free membership or you can purchase the VIP membership with real money. The VIP membership gives you many added benefits such as more pets to own, more dens to choose from, and more ways to earn the in-game currencies which are gems and diamonds. You will be able to do almost everything in Animal Jam with the free membership though, so you can play the game for a while to see how you like it before you decide to pay for the VIP membership.

Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or a paid membership, you will be able to do special things in Animal Jam. One of the many cool features of Animal Jam is that you can go to Parties, which are special events that are held by staff and other players of Animal Jam. Pets Only Parties are one of the best parties that you can go to in Animal Jam, and we thought it would be a good idea to tell you what the Pets Only parties are all about. The more you know about the Pets Only party the more chance you will have of meeting new people and enjoying yourself if you choose to attend one of these parties when they come up.

Animal Jam Pets Only Party Guide

What Pets Only Parties Are– A pets only party is exactly what it sounds like, which is a party that is all about pets. This party takes place in a forest, which is pretty cool for Jammers who have never been to the forest areas of Animal Jam before. Only Jammers who have a pet traveling with them are allowed to enter this party. There is a fire pit at the bottom of the forest and it has a pond on the side, and the forest is similar to that of Sarepia Forest. There are wooden stairs on both sides and this goes to a walkway that ends up moving around the trees which are in the background. There is also music playing in the Pet Party and the music is called Pet Parade.

Various Attractions at the Pet Party- When you go to a Pets Only Party there are several attractions you can visit. One of the most popular party attractions is the pet adoption area, and you can find most regular pets here. There is also a Pet Shop, Pet Wash and Shops specifically for pets and pet-themed dens and accessories. The Pet Stop actually offers specific unique items that you can only find if you attended the Pet Only Party.

Games at the Pet Only Party- There are also many games that you can play during this Pet Only Party. Games include Ducky Dash, Disc Toss, and Sssssnake. Disc Toss is on the left hand side of the party screen and you have to get a puppy to jump in the air to catch the Frisbees. Sssssnake is a game that you can find above the fire pit and you need to control the snake so he can eat a bunch of mice. You need to make sure that the snake does not bite his tail in order for the mouse snack to count. When it comes to Ducky Dash, you have to try to help the duck go through a path of moving lilypads. There are many obstacles along the lily pad path that you have to keep track of and move around as well. Ducky Dash is found near the pond on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

Pets- You will have to have a certain pet in order to get into this party, although there are several pets you can have that will get you into the party. It will cost you 400 gems in order to get into the Pet Only Party. You can have a butterfly, hamster, turtle, kitty, puppy, frog, duck or snake. You will find that certain pets will allow you to do more things in Animal Jam, with each of them having their own games and special skills and abilities. You can attend the Pets Only Party with one of your pets and then attend another time with another pet, so you do not have to use the same pet every time you attend one of these parties.

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