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Hi, there guys! We know that you probably want to know the latest news about Club Penguin, so we are going to be telling you all about what is going on in the game. Before we tell you the latest news in Club Penguin, though, we need to get through some basics about what Club Penguin is just in case you did not know or you are new here. Club Penguin is a game for children that can be played through your internet browser. In Club Penguin, you can create a penguin and run around with him in a winter-themed world that is full of fun and adventures.

Not only can you play games in Club Penguin, but you also can visit the various islands and go on quests and other missions to earn badges and other good items. There is also a lot of social awareness and campaigns that you will become aware of and can participate in if that is something you want to do. Whether it is geared towards helping sick children or animals, there is always a special social program being talked about on Club Penguin as well so you are actually doing things to help others around you. You will be able to make igloo homes for your Club Penguins, adopt Pet Puffles, chat with friends, and dress up your penguin as you see fit.

You can play Club Penguin either on a free membership or you can get the VIP membership. Getting the paid membership will allow you to have access to more things in the game, such as more Pet Puffles you can adopt, a bigger friend list, and also more opportunities to earn free in-game currency. This game is very fun whether you are a smaller child or you are a teenager, and even adults like to play Club Penguin. There are always new and exciting things going on in Club Penguin, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to give you a rundown of all of the things going on this week in the game.

Club Penguin Weekly Update & News


Penguin of the Week- We thought we would get the updates started by talking about the latest Penguin of the Week and sending out congratulations to the winner. This week the winner was Macy Lizard, who managed to be nominated by quite a few people. In the nominations people talked about how Macy Lizard has a quote about being happy and are always there to cheer people up and motivate them to do better things and be a better person. Macy Lizard is also very funny and makes a lot of people in Club Penguin laugh, even on the days where people are having a bad day she is there to cheer people up and cheer them on at the same time. Not only all of that but she is very nice and she is always willing to talk to anyone on Club Penguin.

Macy Lizard is the winner this week of Penguin of the Week so we wanted to say congratulations to her. Macy Lizard will get 10,000 gold coins and the Penguin of the Week background that she can proudly display. Once again, we want to say congratulations to Macy Lizard.

International Ninja Day- Did you know that December 5 was International Ninja Day? Well, we wanted to tell you that Club Penguin was quick to celebrate this holiday. There was a meet up at 11 am at Fire Dojo on the Hockey server. Ninja was there and everyone got together to play Card-Jitsu Fire, and it was really cool and fun! A lot of penguins were dressed up in their ninja gear and apparel and it was a very neat opportunity to see everyone dressed up in their attire. There were a ton of rounds of the card game being played and everyone seemed to reallyclub-penguin-ninja-day enjoy themselves, laughing and carrying on as well as just enjoying the community time together.

Events like these are always something very special and you should definitely make it to these types of events if you can. If you missed International Ninja Day, don’t worry as there is always a new and fun meet-up happening where people get together and have a fun time, whether it is playing cards or just hanging out.

Club Penguin Island Insider 3– Club Penguin Island Insider 3 was just released to the community. If you have not yet watched Island Insider Episode 3 yet, get on over to Club Penguin because this episode focuses on questions from players about Club Penguin Island. This is one of those episodes that you should definitely watch if you want to know more about Club Penguin such as the history or other cool facts about the game, and also some details are given about cool things coming to the game in 2017. There is also a mention of the Coins for Change 2016 campaign which will be kicking off soon as well as a sneak peak of the upcoming Christmas and Holiday party.

If you have not registered your new penguin name you need to do that as well for Club Penguin Island. This is just a friendly reminder this week from the Club Penguin staff as it is getting closer and closer to that time. There is a brand new website coming if you did not already know that, and you can pre-register by going to the Club Penguin website where all of the details are on Club Penguin Island.

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