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A lot of children play Club Penguin, which is a masively multiplayer online game. In Club Penguin, you have a penguin-avatar in which you use to play the online activities and games. There are many different activities and games you can play in Club Penguin, and you can earn virtual coin currency as a result of playing these games. It is important to know that because Club Penguin uses penguin-avatars, that this game is set in a winter virtual world.

It seems like every week there are new things going on in Club Penguin, so you might be asking yourself what is going on in the game this week? Well we are going to tell you all of the new things that have been going on in Club Penguin. We are also going to tell you about some of the upcoming things going on as well, and some of these are special events you want to make sure you login to Club Penguin to be a part of. Also if you aren’t a club penguin member yet make sure you signup and get started earning your free member account for club penguin from our website!

News Update About Club Penguin

Rubber Ducky Day and Facts- One of the biggest events that just went down in Club Penguin was Rubber Ducky Day. Some facts about this include that over 20 years ago there were literally thousands of rubber ducks that were put into the ocean. These rubber duckies traveled all over the world, reaching the United States, Indonesia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, and Australia. Rubber ducks are all over the place right now, so you might see one the next time you are by the ocean.


For Rookie, Rubber Ducky Day is the birthday of Rookie’s own rubber ducky. If you were a part of Club Penguin this past week then you might have seen some of the cool activities available to celebrate Rookie’s rubber ducky and his big day. There were also a number of cool items being given away in the game and people were just celebrating all around due to the special day and circumstances surrounding Rookie’s rubber duckie.

Even if you do not know who Rookie is or why the birthday of Rookie’s rubber ducky is important, you could still celebrate this special day with other Club Penguin members. There were a lot of fun activities, and if you missed Rookie’s special day, keep an eye out because this is not the only special day coming up in Club Penguin world. Speaking of special days in Club Penguin, there is a special week coming up that you need to be aware of.

Prehistoric Party 2016 Starts January 21

There is a Prehistoric Party going on starting on January 21, where you can meet up with Gary. Gary is the creator of the Time Trekker 3000, and he is also known as Gary the Gadget Guy. If you are a member of Club Penguin, you can try to meet Gary the Gadget Guy this week and into next week.

If you would like to meet Gary the Gadget Guy, the man behind the Time Trekker 3000 then keep an eye out for him in the follow locations at the following times in Club Penguin. While we talk about these times and places, you need to know that these times are in PST. If you are not sure what time that is for you, then just head over to the Snow Forts in Clock Tower to get the right time.

On January 21, you can go to the server Sled at 10 am and the server Fog at 3 pm. On Friday January 22, Gary will be at the Northern Lights at 10 am and at the server Jack Frost at 3 pm. January 23, you can catch Gary at server Mittens at 10 am and server Iceland at 3 pm. On January 24, at 10 am Gary will be at the server Mammoth, and at 3 pm over at Wool Socks.

On Monday January 25, Gary is going to be over at server Chinook at 10 am and server Rainbow at 3 pm. Tuesday January 26, Gary will be heading over at 10 am to server Cloudy, and 3 pm he will be at the server Sherbet. Lastly, on Wednesday January 27, Gary will be at server Cozy at 10 am and on server Sled at 3 pm.

What Else is New?

While this is likely just part one of Gary’s adventures on Club Penguin. You will likely be able to meet Gary other times as well on Club Penguin since this is part one of what might be at least a two part trip. If you end up not meeting Gary during these days and times within the next week, you can always keep an eye out because Gary will be coming back soon. Be sure to get your Free Membership here before Gary comes back! You want to make sure you have access to everywhere he could be.  If you want to learn more about gary you can read all about him by clicking here.

There are also some other cool things in the works that have not been released yet to the public, but if and when these announcements are made you will be the first to know. It actually sounds like there might be a new iOS or Android game coming in the near future as well since the previous games were retired last week, which we already talked about. So keep your eyes and ears open because more cool things will be coming as the days and weeks move on.

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