Webkinz W Shop Guide

Webkinz is a browser-based virtual world for children which offers both a free membership and a paid membership. Webkinz involves purchasing a stuffed animal at a store, which comes with a special tag and code. You can then go online and enter the information from this code to register your Webkinz online. This is what gains you access into the Webkinz virtual world. There are many aspects to Webkinz, including chatting and gaming, as well as virtual stores known as the W Shop.

webkinz wshopIf you are currently playing Webkinz and want to know about selling items and buying items in the W Shop you have come to the right place. We are going to be talking today about questions you might have when it comes to buying and selling your items in the Webkinz virtual game world. It is important to note that not everything can be purchased in the W Shop, but most of the items you will need regularly can be found here.

Webkinz Guide: W Shop Common Questions

Purchases in W Shop- If you want to purchase items in the W Shop then you just need to simply pick a category within the W Shop and start looking for the item you want to buy for your Webkinz. You will find the list of all categories on the left side of the W Shop. You can then choose from any availabe section to look through and browse and you can click on “preview” to see what the item will look like your room. You can think click on “BUY” if you want to purchase that item and it will immediately be put into your Dock after you checkout.

W Shop Items- If you are playing Webkinz and wondering what you can buy at the W Shop you should know you can buy almost anything for your Webkinz here. From furniture to games and even various pets, the W Shop is your one-stop shop for all things Webkinz related. You will however have to head over to the KinzStyle Outlet if you are looking for clothing for your pet, as that is one of the only items you cannot purchase at the W Shop. Whether you have a paid Webkinz membership or free membership to Webkinz you will find many items in the W Shop to fit your style and personality.

Finding Items in W Shop- The categories are how you can find all of the items in the W Shop, and you can look through things such as dining tables, coffee tables and side tables through the Table section. Each section will break down into more sections, just as we noted in the Table section. You can also . look in the “Fun Stuff” category if you want to buy a television or treadmill for your Webkinz.

Selling Items– If you would like to sell an item in the W Shop then click on the “Sell Items” button that is right in the W Shop. From there just go to your Dock and drop in the items that you want to sell into the areas provided on the screen. You will then need to click on “Sell Items” and then you will quickly have KinzCash added to your total once that transaction is completed. It is important to note that if you sell an item back to the W Shop, you will only get half of what the item is worth. This means if you paid $200 for an item you will only get $100 when you choose to sell it back to the W Shop.

Mistakenly Sold Item- When you sell an item at the W Shop it is important to know there is no way to get it back, even if it was a mistakenly sold item. Make sure that before you drop items to sell into the box provided, you check over it to make sure it is what you want to see. Some people mistakenly sell rare items they got from the Curio Shop, and if this happens there is no way to get it back so be careful when selecting items to sell. Sometimes it is also better to wait a little while before selling an item, because this will help you figure out if the item is needed in Webkinz for your pet or not. It is better to wait to sell and item to make sure it’s okay to sell than sell the item and be out of luck.

Sales- There are sales in the W Shop which you can find by looking in the “Sale Items” section of the shop. There are often times a lot of cool items for sale in this area and the sales are usually pretty decent. You might think the prices in the W Shop are high so if you are new, going over to the Sale section might be the best option if you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you check out the “Today’s Activities” page you can also find coupons that work for the W Shop which is another way to save money on items you might want to purchase. You will have to drag the coupon over from your Dock to the item itself during the checkout process in order for the coupon to work in the W Shop however. Make sure you have clicked on the “COUPON” button before trying to drag the coupon over to the item or it will not work. You will then click “Buy Now” and the price will automatically be adjusted for the coupon amount.

eStore Points- You can get eStore points and you will notice these points are in your Dock. If you want to add more eStore points click on the “+” button. You can use these points in the W Shop to purchase items and you also can use the points in the Arcade for extra plays. The eStore points also can be used for some other activities and challenges so make sure you want to spend them in the W Shop before you add them to your account. The paid memberships offer more opportunities for eStore Points than the free membership, but you can still use the points for several things either way.

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