Webkinz VIP Deluxe Membership Items & Account Benefits

Webkinz is one of those online interactive worlds that kids love to be a part of. Webkinz features a real stuffed animal in which comes with an online component that you can access by checking out the tag found on the stuffed animal. This tag has a secret code on it that allows you to play in the virtual world with a virtual recreation of your pet. You do not need to have a paid account to access Webkinz, as you get the free account when you purchase your Webkinz toy. Even though you can play in the online virtual world for free, there is a VIP Deluxe membership available. We are going to tell you about some of the benefits that you will get if you have a VIP membership and become a Deluxe member of Webkinz.

Webkinz VIP Membership Benefits

Cool Deluxe Hat- As a VIP member on Webkinz you will get a really nice looking Deluxe Membership Hat that is yours to keep and put on your virtual pet. This hat will let everyone around know that you are a Deluxe member of the game and it will show your pride in being a Webkinz elite. The hat looks great on any Webkinz that you might own and is stylish no matter what your clothing choices are.

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Exclusive Store Items and Pets- You will have access to all of the items in the store and all of the pets. You also will have access to exclusive items and pets that are only available for the VIP members of the game. This means you will be able to dress up your Webkinz in style and set yourself apart from the free players of the game.

E-Store Item Discounts– Having a paid membership to Webkinz also gives you access to various discounts for the online store. These discounts can range from 10% off normal price to 50% off or higher depending on the item you are looking at. You will find various discounts and offers in the E-Store depending on the time of year as well.

Exclusive Areas to Play- There are a ton of new areas to explore in Webkinz as a VIP member, including new areas to play with your friends. These new play areas will also have a ton of members in it that are just like you, which means you can hang out with other people and make new friends.

Deluxe Daily Activities– Webkinz features a lot of cool activities for children and as a Deluxe VIP member, you have even more activities you can do everyday. These activities range from very easy games to a little more complex games and activities that require concentration and more thought.

Exclusive Deluxe Arcade Games- Arcade games are one of the best parts about Webkinz and you will have access to even more arcade games if you are a Deluxe member. These are exclusive games that are only available if you get a membership to the game, and lets you play with other paying members.

Deluxe Challenges- What can be better than having even more challenges and more opportunities to earn virtual currency and rewards? Challenges are very fun and make you think, so you will not only be playing games but learning new skills as well.

Monthly Gift Boxes- You can get special gifts and prizes in your Webkinz mail inbox as a member. These monthly gift boxes will be sent to you on a certain day of the month and will continue being sent to you monthly until your membership expires.

Kinzville Academy Classes- There is nothing better than doing the Kinzville Academy Classes, and you have access to every class as a member. You can learn a ton of new things you never knew before and also have fun learning at the same time.

KinzPost Stationary- Want to send a letter to a friend? Well you will have access to some of the coolest and most unique stationary around as you will be able to use the KinzPost Stationary to send off your mail. If you have a lot of friends on Webkinz it is really fun to send them a letter in the mail because they can send you one back and it’s nice to have friends to talk to on the game.

More Daily Activities- Daily activities are the items that you can do every day of the week, but you can only do these activities so many times each day. If you have a paid membership, you will have access to even more of these activities and you will find that the change of activities makes things more interesting.

Office Jobs– If you are looking for some new employment opportunities then you will get them as well. Some of the best jobs on Webkinz are the office jobs, which all can be yours and all of the perks that come with it.

Kinzstyle Shop Offers and Curio Shop Offers– People who want to have access to the Curio Shop offers and Kinzstyle Shop offers would love to know that they can get unlimited offers as a paying member of Webkinz.

Customization of KinzChat Phones- The abilities to customize your KinzChat phones are endless if you are a paying member, and you can choose from so many styles, colors, and designs.

Unique KinzChat Smileys– One really cool part about being a VIP member is that you can get KinzChat smileys which are all special and unique. These smileys are for use in the KinzChat and will help you talk to your friends in a hip and trendy new way.

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