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Webkinz is a virtual world for children where they play with a virtual pet that looks identical to their real-world stuffed animal that they purchased at the store. There are a lot of things you can do in Webkinz, both with the free membership and the paid membership to the game. If you are currently playing Webkinz however, you might have some questions that you want to know the answer to.

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Luckily for you, we have some of the most common questions that parents and children have when they first begin their fun quest in Webkinz world. We are going to share some of those common questions and answers with you here today. Keep on reading to learn the answers to some of the most common questions that you might have, which can help you have more fun in the game.

Webkinz Frequently Asked Questions

What All Happens in Webkinz World- If you are wondering what Webkinz world is all about, well you can decorate and design your room made specifically for your Webkinz. You also name your pet and then you can go play various games in the Arcade and Tournament Arena. You will be able to earn KinzCash, which is the in-game currency through various activities and games, such as in Quizzy’s Question Corner.

You can play with friends, find new friends, invite friends and even get a job while in Webkinz. You also will be able to shop for items and clothing for your virtual pet in the Webkinz Shop, so save your KinzCash for special items you might want from the store.

Signing Up- All you have to do is purchase a Webkinz plush toy at the store and then you can go online, enter the code from the tag and simply sign up. You can play Webkinz for free or you can choose to purchase a VIP membership for more fun and more perks, such as an extended friend list. Either way you go you can enjoy Webkinz world quickly by going online once you have your virtual pet and just hitting “Play Now” on the homepage. Remember to make sure your Webkinz has a secret code on the tag before you purchase your Plush Webkinz, as this is what you need to get through the sign up process.

Webkinz Updates- On Webkinz, there is usually an update about once a month, although sometimes it can be every three weeks as it just depends. The updates often add new features and places to go in the game and also it improves features by getting rid of errors or glitches in the game. The updates also do not always impact the player side of the website, as some updates are purely for server issues so if you do not see changes that does not mean they didn’t happen.

Archived Accounts- If you stop playing Webkinz for a period of time that is okay, but there is a point when your account becomes archived. If you do not login to Webkinz for 18 months, your account becomes archived for security reasons. This means that all information is removed except your username and password.

You can email the support listed on the Webkinz website if you would like your account reactivated if it has been longer than 18 months and your account was archived. This is often times a quick process and your account will be up and running again in a day or two. Your entire account is only deleted if it has been longer than 7 years since you last logged in.

Adoption Limits- There are currently no limits on the amount of Webkinz that you can adopt within your account. The staff does suggest limiting the number of Webkinz you have on your account to 100 though. This is because if you have more than 100 Webkinz on your account it can cause things to become laggy and bogged down and the game might not run as smoothly. Stick to under 100 pets on one account for best results while on the website.

No Code on Webkinz- Your Webkinz has to come with a secret code to let you into Webkinz world. If you bought a Webkinz and there was no tag or secret code, you need to take the Webkinz back to the store you purchased it from as the staff on the Webkinz website cannot do anything about it. This is purely a problem for the store to handle, so always check to make sure you have a tag on your Webkinz before purchase.

Deleting Webkinz Pet- Due to the nature of Webkinz, once you login to the website with a pet it cannot be deleted off of your account. The staff cannot delete a Webkinz pet from your account and let you start over. If you do not like the pet you have you will need to purchase another Webkinz and play with that pet instead, but once they are on your account it is final.

Pet Care- When it comes to Pet Care and caring for your Webkinz, you need to know that everything impacts your Pet Care Heart. This means exercising, bathing, feeding, grooming and playing with your Webkinz. You will need to just take care of your Webkinz as if it was a real pet and you will fill up the heart quickly.

The more things you do with your Webkinz and the more you interact with it, the quicker the Pet Care Heart fills up. At midnight all Pet Care Hearts decrease by 25 points, which means the next day when you login you need to take care of your pet to get those 25 points back. Even if you fail to take care of your pet, it will not die, but filling up the Pet Care Heart earns you KinzCash.

Earning KinzCash- You can earn KinzCash by playing Arcade games, playing Tournament Arena games, adopting more Webkinz, and getting a job at the Employment Office. You also can earn currency by heading to Quizzy’s Corner, going in the Magical Forest and selling items you do not want at the WShop. The Wheel of Wow is one of the quickest ways to earn KinzCash daily, but mostly playing games and Tournament games every day gets you KinzCash quick.

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