Webkinz KinzCash Common Questions & Tips

Webkinz is a really fun game for children where they enter a virtual world and adopt a virtual pet. The virtual pet they adopt in the game is based off of a plush stuffed animal in which they purchasesd at the store that comes with a special code on the tag. The children can input the information from this tag onto the Webkinz site and this is how they register their pet and create a virtual pet. Children can play games, chat, get a job, decorate their Webkinz room and so much more. You can play Webkinz both with a free membership to the game or with a paid VIP membership, although the paid membership does give you more opportunities and options.

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If you are playing Webkinz then you might have some questions about KinzCash, which is the virtual currency of the game. There are a ton of things you can do with KinzCash once you know what it is and how to earn it. We are going to tell you about some of the most common problems or questions people have when it comes to KinzCash, which can help you earn more currency and have more fun in the game.

Webkinz KinzCash Questions and Tips

Earning KinzCash- You can earn KinzCash in a variety of ways throughout Webkinz. Earning KinzCash can come from adopting more Webkinz, getting a job at the employment office, selling items you do not want at the WShop and playing Arcade games. You also can earn KinzCash by playing games with another person in the Tournament Arena, heading to Quizzy’s Corner and answering questions and going into the Magical Forest. The Tournament Arena is a good way to earn a lot of KinzCash but often times you must come in first to win a lot of KinzCash.

Getting Even More KinzCash- You can earn higher amounts of KinzCash in the game by spinning the Wheel of Wow, going to the Wishing Well and logging in daily to earn the Care Award. The Wheel of Wow gives you around 50 KinzCash per spin and the Wishing Well gives you 40 KinzCash each time. If you want KinzCash quickly, Quizzy’s Corner is the best option out there regardless of whether or not you have the free membership or paid membership. Quizzy’s Question Corner can give you around 100 to 200 KinzCash each day whereas a Survey gives you 50 KinzCash each week. If you just play around 30 minutes each day doing these things you can earn over 2,000 KinzCash each week.

KinzCash and Games- If you want to earn KinzCash by playing games then the Arcade is the best place to go because there are many games found in the Arcade area. You also can head over and play the Game of the Day, which gives you more KinzCash that day for that game than the other games in Webkinz World. There is also “Today’s Activities” and there are games there usually giving out special bonuses.

KinzCash Limits- A good thing with Webkinz is that there is no limit on the amount of KinzCash you can earn in a day or within the game itself. Each game has KinzCash limits since some games are once a day, but as for KinzCash itself, you can earn as much or little as you want each day. Some people earn a lot of KinzCash and keep it in their accounts, which means you could literally be a Webkinz millionaire in no time!

Losing KinzCash– If you lose KinzCash in the game, there is no way that you can get this back. Once you take a turn in a game, it is automatically logged, which means if you are logged out there is no way to get that KinzCash back. Always check to make sure you are logged into a game before trying to earn KinzCash because if you are not logged in, you are basically stuck and that is all there is to that. The staff cannot give you KinzCash you might have lost by being logged out of a game.

KinzCash in Quizzy’s Corner– If you are playing in Quizzy’s Question Corner, you should know that the KinzCash is awarded immediately afterward. You do not have to keep a total of how much KinzCash you win as Quizzy’s Corner will keep that total for you. Right after you finish answering a question, your KinzCash is automatically applied to your account. Sometimes though you might not notice your KinzCash total going up, but rest assured that it is being totaled and given out to you instantly.

Tournament Awards– When you win KinzCash through the Tournament Arena it is a little different than with an employment opportunity or regular game. The KinzCash that you earn in Tournaments are not given out or put into your account until the Tournament is finished. This means you might have to wait an hour or longer to get your KinzCash if you win in the Tournament Arena, but know once the Tournament is finished you will be paid.

KinzCash and Jobs- If you quit a job in Webkinz, you will not be paid. You also need to get the job completed in the right amount of time in order to earn KinzCash. If you do not finish the job in time or quit, you are not paid. KinzCash will be added to your account the minute you complete your job as long as it is done on time. You only can get a job in Webkinz world every 8 hours, which is the same for everyone including people on the VIP membership and free membership.
Wishing Well- You will be credited KinzCash the minute you make your wish in the Wishing Well, although it is such a small amount you might not notice it. Beyond the Tournament Arena, you will be paid immediately after completing a task, such as in the Wishing Well or Wheel of Wow. Make sure you keep an eye on your KinzCash totals before you play the Wishing Well because you might forget that you were indeed paid. You can keep a notebook of your totals through the day if that helps you.
These are just some of the most common questions in relation to Webkinz and KinzCash. The best part about Webkinz is that you do not ever have to calculate totals in Webkinz World since the game and each part of the game does that for you. The more games and pets you have and the more you play with your pets, the more KinzCash you will earn.

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