Webkinz Guide: Questions Parents Have – Our Answers

As a parent, you might have some questions about Webkinz before you let your child play in this interactive virtual world. Good news because we are going to be telling you about some of the most common questions parents have when it comes to Webkinz, and hopefully the answers we provide you will help you decide whether or not Webkinz is suitable for your child.

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If you did not know about Webkinz, it is a virtual world where you purchase a stuffed animal and then use the code from the tag it comes with to enter into a virtual world. You can use the free membership to get into Webkinz or you can get the paid membership for even more access and features. Your child will be able to create a virtual pet just like the stuffed animal they have and then from there they can play games, decorate a house for the Webkinz and interact and chat with other players. If you have questions about Webkinz continue reading to learn more about this cool virtual world for children.

Webkinz Guide for Parents

Webkinz for Smaller Children- Although Webkinz is designed for children who are between ages 6 and 13, there are things younger children can do as well. There is a lot on the website that is designed for even beginner use of computers and the skills needed in this game are not very difficult for a younger child to learn. There are games developed for younger children on Webkinz such as the Fence Painting and the Shoe Store Clerk. These are memory games that are very fun and quite useful for children who are younger than age 6, and can help your younger child learn valuable skills. The best part for smaller children is that they can learn and gain skills as they are able to do more in Webkinz World.

If your younger child wants to head over to the Arcade there are Tulip Trouble 2 and Wacky Zingoz just to name a few of the easier games for the younger audience. Things such as the Wishing Well and Wheel of Wow are also easy games that require no skills and also are suitable for children under age 6. Another good thing about Webkinz is that even if your child is younger than age 6, they will be able to play the other games and learn if they have an adult around to help them or an older friend or sibling. Either way you go, there is plenty for younger children to do in Webkinz and it is not that hard of a virtual world to understand no matter your age.

Webkinz World is Safe– Even though there is a chat in Webkinz, it is called KinzChat and it is completely safe for children of all ages. Users cannot just type in whatever they want and they also cannot exchange information that is deemed personal either. Everything that people say within Webkinz Chat, also known as KinzChat is monitored and filtered which means that there is no way anything bad can be said within the KinzChat. As a parent, you do not have to worry about your child in this chat and there are phrases and words automatically filtered out of the chat for safety purposes.

Managing Webkinz World- If you want to manage how your child plays in Webkinz you can do that as well. This is mostly on you however which means you need to use Webkinz as a reward for doing good things such as homework or household chores. It might be hard to limit how much time your child spends on Webkinz which is why you need to setup rules early on how and when Webkinz should be used. Make sure you set a limit on the amount of time that your child can spend in Webkinz World as well, such as no more than 60 minutes a day during the week and 90 minutes on the weekend. It does not matter if you have a paid membership or free membership you need to limit the amount of time your child spends in this fun and educational interactive world.

Learning in Webkinz– As we said, Webkinz does give your child the ability to learn new skills and also advance on skills they already have. Some skills and educational components to Webkinz include going into Quizzy’s where there is a word challenge that helps your child learn how to spell. Booger Gets an A is a game where your child will learn addition and some important math skills. There is also Lunch Letters which promotes typing and spelling. There is logical thinking in Webkinz as well which is part of Operation Gumball.

KinzCash, which is the virtual currency in Webkinz is also a good way for your child to learn about money management and saving up for things they want to purchase for their Webkinz in the game. There are many games and activities which promote learning in Webkinz, and you would be amazed at how much your child can learn just by playing games. You are also taking care of a virtual pet in Webkinz which teaches your child responsibility when it comes to taking care of a pet and feeding and playing with the pet to keep it healthy and happy.

No Personal Information is Shared- You might notice that in Webkinz Studio you can enter a name or other information. You should know that you are the only person who can see what you write in Webkinz Studio and this is not something other players will be able to see. No one will be able to use your Studio in Webkinz which means no other players, not even friends, can see what you type or do in the Webkinz Studio. Your child’s information will not be accessed ever by anyone.

Webkinz Accounts Do not Expire- Your Webkinz account never expires in Webkinz, although the free membership only gives you access to certain features. If you get the paid membership, which is the Deluxe membership, you will get unlimited access to everything for as long as you have this paid VIP membership to Webkinz. Your account will go inactive however if you do not login to Webkinz for around 2 years and then after 7 years it will completely go away. Your account itself does not expire for as long as you continue to play the game. If your account becomes inactive all you need to do is login to the account again and you will be right where you left off.

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