Webkinz Guide: Common Room Questions & Answers

Webkinz is a virtual world aimed at children between 6 and 16 years of age. You can play Webkinz either with a free membership or you can pay to get a VIP membership to Webkinz. In Webkinz, you purchase a stuffed animal at a retail store and the animal comes with a special tag and code. You then go home and register your Webkinz pet on this website using the special code and you will get a virtual pet that looks like the stuffed animal you purchased. From there you can do many things in Webkinz World, such as play games, chat with friends, take challenges and quizzes and even get a job in order to earn virtual currency known as KinzCash.

In Webkinz, you also have a virtual room for your pet, in which you can decorate and design how you want. You can put furniture in your room that you can purchase in the store with your KinzCash and even invite friends over to your room and hang out with them. Even better with a free membership which you can get here.

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If you are playing Webkinz then you might have some questions about your Webkinz pet and your room. Questions such as what all you can do in your room with your Webkinz for example. Well we are going to be telling you all about the Webkinz pet and what all you can do in your room.

Webkinz Room Guide: What to Know About Your Room

Check Out the Icons- If you are wondering what all you can do in Webkinz World, simply click on the icon on the left side of your room or on the map. These icons will tell you everything you can do with your Webkinz pet and it will also go through a guide to help you learn how to take care of your Webkinz.

All the Things You Can do In Your Room- If you want to know about what you can do in your Webkinz Room, look no further as we are going to tell you. You can play, cook, play games, invite your friends over, decorate your room, and furnish your room. You can play on various toys by yourself such as the trampoline and you also can play games in the W Shop Fun Stuff section. You can find that these games can be played either with a friend or against the computer. You can invite your friends over using the KinzChat Cell phone and you can get your Webkinz to play with their Webkinz. If you purchase the items to cook, such as a blender and sandwich maker then you can make food in your room as well. Lastly, you can save up all of your KinzCash to purchase items for your room. You can even add rooms to your house using the “House Map” button and then click “Add a Room” to make your room even bigger and better.

Sad Webkinz- If you notice your Webkinz looks sad then you might need to feed your pet or play with your pet. You can play games with your pet to increase happiness or you can feed your pet if they are hungry. The energy of your Webkinz might also be low, which means you need to put your pet down for a nap for a while to get some of the energy back. You will quickly learn what your pet needs the more you are playing with your pet and get to know the habits of your own Webkinz.

No WebKinz Cannot Die- You might have played games in the past where your pet dies if you do not feed it or take care of it. In Webkinz, your pet will never die, but it will get very sad and low energy if you do not feed or play with it. Even though your Webkinz does not die in this virtual world, it does not mean you can shirk your responsibilities as a virtual pet owner. You will still need to love, bathe, feed and play with your Webkinz in order for it to be happy. That is why you need to get games like the trampoline for your room, so that you have a place your Webkinz can go to play and get some exercise.

Getting Your WebKinz to Bed- Once you are in your room, you want to get your Webkinz into bed regularly so they can get the sleep they need. You can get your Webkinz to stay in a certain spot, such as in bed, by putting your pet there and then logging out immediately. Make sure that there are not objects blocking the bed though because your Webkinz will be unable to get out of bed to play with you if there are items blocking the edges or bottom of the bed.

Where to Put Clothing in Your Room– If you have clothing for your Webkinz, you can purchase drawers, a chest, a toy box and even a dresser. You can purchase as many of these items as you need and place them anywhere you want within your room. These are the perfect places to put extra clothing items and you can dress your pet by opening “Dress Your Pet” when you are in your room. If you have the paid membership to Webkinz, you will have more ways to earn KinzCash which means more opportunities to purchase items for your room such as more dressers and toy boxes.

Room Count- If you have just one Webkinz you might need only one or two rooms, but did you know you can add as many rooms as you want? In Webkinz, whether you have 2 pets or 20, you can add as many rooms onto your area as you want. This is great because it gives you more room to buy furniture and you can create various rooms for various pets. You also can add rooms to just give your Webkinz more places to play or exercise. The number of rooms and the uses of each room is completely up to you and how you want to decorate and design your room. Being a paid member of Webkinz allows you to have more pets but you can still have a ton of Webkinz with the free membership as well, so room count and size is all something you need to factor into how many pets you own.

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