Webkinz Guide: Common KinzPost & Newzpaper Questions

If you are new to Webkinz you might be wondering about the Newzpaper and the KinzPost. These are two items that you will have access to whether you have the free membership to Webkinz or the paid membership to Webkinz. There are a lot of questions that people have regarding these two parts of Webkinz so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about both of these.

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Hopefully by learning about the KinzPost and the Newzpaper you will have more enjoyment playing Webkinz and you will be earning more KinzCash along the way.

Webkinz Guide: KinzPost and Newzpaper Questions

Newzpaper Release- In Webkinz, the Newzpaper comes out about every three days. If you want to know what is going on in Webkinz World, reading the Newzpaper is the best way to find out. Head over to the Newzpaper a few times a week and you will definitely be in the know about all of the new and exciting things Webkinz has to offer. The paid membership does not offer you any special early release date on the Newzpaper, so both the free members and paid members see this at the same time.

KinzPost– If you are wondering about KinzPost mail then you should know that the number which is on the mailbox is the amount of mail that you have waiting for you. You will need to click on this and that will take you right to all of your unread messages, and it is very similar to email in a way. Once you have read the letter and closed it you will notice it disappears. If you do not see a number by the mailbox icon then it means you have no messages.

You can send postcards to friends by entering their email address and the KinzPost is where you can go to do this. If you want to send a note or a special gift to another Webkinz player you can do that as well. Check out your map of Kinzville in order to locate the KinzPost or you also can just look for the KinzPost building on your Map Stuff Dock. If you want to send a gift, remember that you can only send one gift each day to each friend and you can do this for up to three friends each day.

You will have access to both getting mail and sending mail regardless of whether you have a VIP membership or a free membership account to Webkinz. You can purchase something special to send to your friend through KinzPost or if you have an item you think your friend might like you can send them one of your items as well.

Getting Items or Notes through KinzPost- If you get a special gift from a friend, once you open the gift it will show up right in your Dock. You might have to look for it as it might be on the right or left side of your Dock but it will show up as a present. You must open the gift in order for it to become active on your Dock. If you open up a letter or note from a friend, you will be able to read that and then it will go away. Remember to screenshot any notes you want to keep because they will disappear out of your mailbox after you close it out and you might not be able to get it back.

Newzpaper Scores and Achievements- There is a section of the Newzpaper called the Scores and Achievements High Score Page. This is where you will go if you want to see the Tournament Arena scores and they are updated each and every night at midnight. If you are on the high score board you will see your username pop up on the next update, which would be the next day after you achieve the high score. You can see all of the best tournament players in the Scores and Achievements page and it covers all of the games in Webkinz. You also will see high scores from the Trivia section and the Arcade as well.

Great Plays in the Newzpaper- In Webkinz World you can see the “Great Plays” which is a list of people who made great plays in teh games. New names appear all of the time and this list is always being updated with the best and newest great plays of the day and week. The newer great plays will be at the top and the older ones will be at the bottom.

Once there is enough new content on this list, your name or another name will disappear from the list as it only stays up a few days. If you want to know what your own scores are, you can click “My Scores” section of your account to find out your scores and how many times you have played each of the games in Webkinz World.

These are just some of the most popular questions that players have when it comes to Webkinz, because players love sending and getting mail from friends and other players through KinzPost. The Newzpaper is also a big hit in Webkinz because it tells you everything going on in the game and also tells the scores. If you want to get into the Newzpaper the best way to do that is to play the games regularly and get good enough to have a high score, then you will be on the Scores and Achievements page of the Newzpaper. If you haven’t made it yet keep trying as it is never too late to get a high score and make the Newzpaper!

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