Webkinz Games & Employment Office Common Questions

Webkinz is a virtual world for children where they can purchase a stuffed animal at the store, then go online and register the code on the tag to enter into a virtual world. In Webkinz World, children who are between ages 6 to 14 can play games, chat with friends, decorate their room and also feed and bathe their virtual pet. There is also KinzCash available to earn through the games, which is the online currency for Webkinz. You can use this KinzCash to purchase items in the store for your virtual pet, such as clothing items, food items and even items to decorate your room.

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You can get a free membership to Webkinz or you can choose to upgrade to the Deluxe paid membership. Either way you go there is a lot to do in Webkinz, some of those things include Quizzy’s, getting a job through the employment office and also playing games. We know that you might have questions about the games in Webkinz along with the employment office. We are going to answer some of the most common questions that children might have about these parts of Webkinz.

Webkinz Guide: Employment Office, Quizzy’s Question Corner & Games

Arcade Games- There are many different Arcade games available to you in Webkinz, with some being more challenging than others. Each of the games reward you with a certain amount of KinzCash that you can then save up and spend in the online store. You can choose from adventure games, puzzle games and even educational games in the Arcade. The only bad part about the Arcade games is that there is no way to pause the games, so you have to devote your time and attention to get the most out of each game.

There are a lot of games that you can play in the Arcade so make sure you check out which games offer you the most KinzCash in order to get the most out of your time in Webkinz World. There are games for every age group as well as games for everything you might be interested in, such as learning or word games and other puzzles. The games do change every once in a while, so keep your eyes open for any new games you might have not played or heard of before.

Turning Off Sound– Sometimes in Webkinz, you might decide it is better for your concentration if you turn off the music that often plays with the games. If you want to turn off the music simply head over to the right corner of the screen and click on the musical note. This turns off the background music but the voices and other sound effects will still be heard. If you want no music or sounds at all, then you will need to turn your speaker volume all the way off.

Cash Cow Rules- You might notice that if you play Cash Cow you can end up losing points. This is done when you are just randomly clicking around the screen or on the cow. In order to deter people from random clicks, you are deducted points for this action. Make sure you are clicking only the things in Cash Cow you are supposed to in order to maintain your points for this game.

Certificates in Lunch Letters- If you want certificates in lunch letters, you need to get to level 10. It does not matter if you have a free membership or paid membership when it comes to getting these certificates. Just make sure you go up to level 10 and that is for all difficulty levels of this game. You also need a very high accuracy rate so do not move up difficulty if you are not ready.

Quizzy’s Question Corner- If you finish all of the questions in Quizzy’s then you will get a lot of stickers and also you will earn a lot of KinzCash. Questions are added to Quizzy’s every so often so keep checking back to see if any new questions are added if you have completed all of the questions already. It is important to note that once you have answered a question you cannot go back to it and try to answer it again, you only have one chance per question.

There is also an archive of the Trivia questions that you can go through as well, so make sure you check the archive to get even more questions that might have been available before you became a Webkinz member. You can earn a lot of KinzCash quickly by answering these questions in Quizzy’s Question Corner.

Employment Office Rules– You only can do one job every 8 hours and this is in place for a reason. Your virtual pet will need rest and to eat before they work again so you cannot keep working without taking this 8 hour break in between jobs. The jobs are usually pretty high paying which means you will earn a lot of KinzCash, even if you just go do one job each day.

There is a clock on top of Tabby’s head in the Employment Office and this lets you know when you will be able to complete another job. If you have the paid membership to Webkinz, you will have even higher paying jobs than the free membership jobs that are offered. The VIP membership also comes with one bonus job each day so that means you can do more than the maximum of three jobs in a day.

Prerequisites for Jobs- If you do not have the prerequisite needed for a job that means you need a special skill in order to complete the job. You can just mouse over the “P” for prerequisite in order to find out what the skills are you do not have. There is an “I” on the Jobs Board which will tell you more instructions, such as how to get these prerequisites and how you can earn more money through the jobs.

If you are unsure about jobs you can click the “I” to learn more information about them as well. If you are a paid member you will likely be able to get more prerequisites quicker just by doing simple tasks, whereas free members might have to jump through more hoops.

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