Webkinz Clubhouse Guide

The Clubhouse is just one of the many parts of Webkinz and there are a ton of things you can do in the Clubhouse. If you are playing Webkinz you might have questions about the Clubhouse such as what you can do and how the Clubhouse works. Whether you have a free membership to Webkinz or the paid membership you can access the Clubhouse and you might notice that there is even a chat in the Clubhouse.

webkinz clubhouse

We know that while the Clubhouse is fun to use for Webkinz players, some players might also have questions that they want answered before they get too involved in this part of the game. We are going to tell you all about the Clubhouse including some of the most common questions related to this aspect of the game.

Webkinz Clubhouse Questions & Answer Guide

KinzChat and KinzChat Plus- There are two different types of chats in the Webkinz Clubhouse, which are KinzChat and KinzChat Plus. In KinzChat Plus you can actually type out your own messages instead of having to use the pre-constructed messages that come in KinzChat. Of course, there is still a filter and moderation system in KinzChat Plus. This means that certain words and phrases will not show up in the KinzChat Plus if it has been deemed inappropriate. With the basic KinzChat, you have pre-constructed phrases and sentences that you can use to chat with friends. The KinzChat is for the younger members of Webkinz whereas the KinzChat Plus has been designed for older Webkinz players.

KinzChat Plus Access- If you want to access KinzChat Plus you have to have been granted permission by a parent. There is a “Parent Area” in Webkinz and your parent has to go into this part of the game and then grant you permission to use KinzChat Plus in order for it to be accessible on your account. The parent also can turn off the access to KinzChat Plus by going into the Parent Area and disabling this feature.

KinzChat and KinzChat Plus Activities- There is no difference in the Clubhouse between KinzChat and KinzChat Plus. Both chats work the same way in terms of activities available to you while in the Clubhouse. The only difference you will find between the two chats is that one uses pre-constructed messages whereas the other one allows you to type what you want as long as it follows the rules of Webkinz.

Finding Friends– If you are in the Clubhouse and want to know how to find your friends it is really easy! Whether you have the free membership or paid membership all you have to do to find your friends is click the “Find My Friends” dropdown menu. This will be on the main screen of the Clubhouse page where you can find rooms to check out in the Clubhouse. You can then check out which rooms your friends are in if they are in the Clubhouse and can join them in those rooms. There are more rooms available if you choose to get the paid membership.

Changing Rooms– It is very easy in the Webkinz Clubhouse to change rooms. All you do is click on the “Switch Room” button which is at the top right hand side of the screen. You will then be able to choose the next room you want to go into by just clicking the room that seems fun or interesting.

Reporting Inappropriate Content- If you are in KinzChat Plus and you see something inappropriate, such as an inappropriate message you need to report the player right away. There will be an icon that looks like a shield and this is what you need to click to report the player sending bad messages. The person will then either have their KinzChat Plus ability removed for a period of time or the player might be banned from Webkinz all together. The length of the suspension from Webkinz depends on what the person did or what type of message was sent in terms of how inappropriate it is. Never be afraid to report players and the player will not know who reported them either.

Making Friends- If you are in the Clubhouse you can make friends with other players. It is important to note that if you see a green face with a smile next to it, then you can ask that person if they want to join your Friend List. If the person has a yellow smile face by their name then this means they cannot be asked if they want to be friends. Always look for the green smile face to know which players you can ask to become friends with.

All you need to do in order to allow people on your Friend List is click the button that says “Click to Allow Invites” and this will enable you to add people to your Friend List. You can also hit “Click to Block Invites” if you do not want people to be on your Friend List. Some people choose to disable friend requests which is why they block invites, and this is the yellow face you will see. The people with the green smile face want friends and want invites so these are the people to check out and look for in the Clubhouse of Webkinz.

Feature Code Questions

Featured Codes- Featured Codes can be see by the “W plus” sign on Webkinz Plus products. You can check out the Code Shop in the Code Catalog to find applicable products that give you Featured Codes. You will not be able to use a Feature Code more than one time, once you redeem the Feature Code then it is done and that code is no longer valid.

Using Feature Code- If you want to use the Featured Code, head to the Code Shop and then type in the code in the black space provided. Then you will need to click “Unlock” to reveal what the prize is you get with that Feature Code. Both free memberships and paid memberships have access to the Feature Code, but you have to purchase the products from the store that say Webkinz Plus in order to get these codes.

Prize Map- If you want to know what prize the Feature Code gives you, simply check out the Code Catalog. The Code Catalog will tell you which prizes you get with each code so you will be able to get the items you want with the Feature Codes. Once you have unlocked the prize with the Feature Code, it is automatically added to your Dock.

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