VIP Membership Benefits in Fantage

Fantage is a virtual world aimed at children who enjoy MMORPG games. In Fantage, you can create and customize an avatar, talk to your friends and go out on the won. You can do a lot of customization in Fantage including choosing hair color and clothing of your avatar.

This is a free game which means that while you do not need a membership to play, there are exclusives and parts of the game that you can only access if you are a VIP member. If you are considering playing Fantage, we wanted to tell you about all of the awesome benefits that come with purchasing a VIP membership to the game.

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Fantage Paid Membership Benefits

Server Access Priority- As a VIP member of the game you will have priority access to the servers, which means if they are almost full you will get in before the people without a membership. If you only have a free membership then you are limited to a small server group that is open to everyone in the game. If you have a membership however, you will find that you can access the 70% to 99% server groups. This special server is designed only for the members of the game and free members are not allowed to access this priority server.

Weekly Stars- As a paid member on Fantage, you also will get 400 Stars every week just for being a paid member. You can use your Stars to purchase items in the store, such as items for your room or items to customize your avatar even more. The 400 free Stars are like a weekly allowance and it is only available for the paid memberships in the game. You will always get these Stars every week at the same time, and you will get them for the entire time you are a VIP member of the game.

Bonus for Registration– Getting a VIP membership also gives you access to the registration bonus. This means you will get 1,000 Stars just because you signed up to the game and the paid membership. This is a special members-only bonus and it is a one time deal. You can only get the bonus the first time you sign up for the membership. You can use these Stars right away to enhance your room or avatar, or keep the Stars and save them up for a really cool item from the Store.

Rare Item Access- Another benefit of having a VIP membership on Fantage is that you will have access to all of the rare items in the game. You will find that the rare items are always more fun and engaging than the regular items, and also are more cool looking than normal items. You will be able to show off to your friends that you are a paid member of the game with these super cool rare items. You also will notice that these items change often, which means there is always something new and exciting that you can get with the rare item access.

Member Only Items- Beyond the rare items you will also have access to members-only items in the store. These items include furniture and accessories along with creatures that the free membership players do not have access to. If you look around the game and see these members-only items then you know that person also has a membership to Fantage, and it can help you make more friends because you have something in common. Having access to members-only creatures is definitely a huge benefit in this game because it will make you stand out and can increase the fun and things you can do in the game with these special pets.

Presenting Medals- You will be able to present your medals in this game if you have a paid membership, which means you can show them off like never before. The free membership does not come with a way or area where you can present your medals, so most people will not be able to see them unless you just tell them about it. With the paid membership to Fantage, you will be able to show off all of your medals so that people can see all the cool things you have done in the game.

Bigger Rooms- Lastly, you will have the benefit of getting bigger rooms in the game, which are known as Deluxe Rooms. These Deluxe rooms are only for the VIP memberships and you will have access to every single one of them. As a new room becomes available in the game, you get first dibs on the rooms and the first look at the new rooms. If you want to get a bigger room then you can do that with the membership, which means more options for customization and more furniture options too. These are the biggest rooms in the game, which means that everyone you invite over will know you have a paid membership because your room is twice the size of the free membership rooms!

There are quite a few more benefits of having a VIP membership on Fantage, but we just wanted to tell you about some of the biggest benefits you can get. The VIP membership allows you to enjoy the game more because you can customize more parts of your room and you can get access to furniture and accessories that everyone else will be jealous of who come to visit you.

If you want to get the most out of your Fantage experience then getting the VIP membership is definitely the best way to do it. You also will get all of these items plus more for as long as you are a VIP member of the game. Finally, there are also items, rooms and other accessories added to the game all of the time, so you will be able to keep changing things up and finding even more awesome items to put into your room with the membership option. Get started today by checking out

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