Top Ways To Earn Diamonds in MovieStarPlanet

If you have played in the virtual world known as MovieStarPlanet, then you know that Diamonds are the premium currency in the game and they are super hard to get, which is why they are known as the premium currency. StarCoins are the general currency of the game, and those allow you to get most items within MovieStarPlanet. There are quite a few rare items and exclusives though, which you need to have them in order to purchase. Getting Diamonds in MovieStarPlanet is not that easy, and many people often wonder how you can get them. We thought we would tell you the top ways so that you can begin saving up for those rare items you need the premium currency to purchase.

The Best Ways To Get Diamonds in MovieStarPlanet

Become a VIP- The easiest and one of the few ways to get Diamonds in MovieStarPlanet is to become a VIP member. If you get a Moviestarplanet free VIP membership, which is the paid membership option, you will be guaranteed to get some. There are a set amount that you will get for each of the VIP membership options. The biggest and longest membership option will come with the most. Elite VIP and Star VIP members will get free Diamonds every day in their bank, which is pretty cool. There is also a sign-up bonus where you can get a set amount as a one-time-only offer if you get the VIP membership.

Enter & Win a Movie Competition- If you want to have a chance at winning some free Diamonds, then you need to enter into the movie competitions. Every week, there is a new movie competition available for you to submit your movie towards. There are three winners every week in the movie competition on MovieStarPlanet.

Each winning place will contain a certain amount of Diamonds, with first place earning the most. You can get 14 if you place first in the movie competition, with third place earning you three for free. The movie competitions are not a sure way to earn unless you win, but it is worth the shot. The good news too, is that even if you have won before, you can submit your movie for a new competition for another chance to win.

Using a Hack- There is always the option to use a Diamond generator, which is a hack for MovieStarPlanet. If you do not want to pay for them, it is the quickest way you can get as many as you want. This might not always be the best option though, because you have to be careful of where you get the generator from online. A lot of websites contain viruses and spyware, which are not legitimate MovieStarPlanet Diamond generator programs.

I am not going to recommend any because I am not completely sure which ones are still legitimate. They often times are taken down nearly as quickly as they go up, so it is something you just have to keep your eyes on. This is not the recommended way to go about getting free Diamonds, but it does work some of the time. We also should add a warning that using hacks like the generator could also get you banned from the game, if the staff find out you have used one. Definitely very risky, but some people think the risk is worth it.

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