Tips & Tricks for Adopting Your Baby in Animal Jam

There are many online games for children out there, with one of the biggest games being Animal Jam. You can play Animal Jam using a free membership or a paid membership, but the paid membership obviously gives you more perks and access. Even without the paid membership there are many things you can do in Animal Jam including chat with friends, play games, explore the virtual world, learn about animals, buy dens, and much more!


When it comes to Animal Jam, whether you have a free membership or paid membership, you will have the ability to adopt a baby in the game. We already talked to you about how you can become adopted in Animal Jam previously. Since the process is a little different if you are adopting a baby, we thought it would be a good idea to give you tips and tricks on adopting a baby.

Tips on Adopting a Baby in Animal Jam

Dress Appropriately- Just like in real life, you want to dress your Animal Jam animal in appropriate clothing in order to seem like a suitable choice for being a parent. If you dress in a threatening manner then this could lead to children not wanting you to adopt them. You want to dress like you are an adult and in a very safe manner, making sure you are not wearing overly-dark clothing on your animal or weird accessories.

Prepare Your Den- You also want to ensure that your den is ready for your new baby, and this means decorating it as you would for a real baby. You want to make your new baby feel at ease and at home, so preparing your den is a definite requirement.

Active Servers Equal Success- Just like when you want to be adopted, you need to find busy servers in order to have the best chance at adopting. If you go to the bigger and busier servers this will make it easier for you to find a baby to bring home. Remember which days of the week you are looking at too, so maybe instead of going on a weekday you can try the weekend and be more successful at finding a baby to adopt.

Head to the Pillow Room- The Pillow Room is always where you want to be whether you are looking to adopt or be adopted. You also want to make sure you are being friendly when you are in the Pillow Room because players will notice if you are being mean, and then they will request you do not adopt them and pass you up for someone more friendly.

You want to always come across welcoming and nice to players, even the babies you do not want to adopt. If you must tell them you don’t want to adopt them, never say it in a mean manner and always wish them luck at finding a good parent. You can always just say that you do not think you are the right parent for them and want them to get adopted by someone who better suits their personality or needs. Never be nasty in the Pillow Room because everyone will find out and word gets out quick in this environment.

Talk to Babies- Just like you want to talk to people who might adopt you, you want to talk to the babies and see if they are the one you want to adopt. Sometimes the first baby you come across is “the one” while other times it might take you a few times in order to find you the right baby to adopt. Don’t give up if you have to come back a few times in order to find the right baby to adopt. Always add that baby to your buddy list in order to ensure you have their username so you do not forget.
Take Baby to the Den- Once you have found the right baby to adopt, you can bring them back into your den and show them the cool and newly decorated room you made for them. You want to take care of your adopted baby because if you neglect them, they can always run away from you, and this is never a good thing for you or them.

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