Tips on Being Adopted in Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a really fun game for children where you can learn about animals and the environment, play games, adopt pets, explore the world, chat with friends, and much more. Animal Jam can be played on either a free membership or a paid membership. If you have the paid membership you can get more perks, such as access to new animals, abilities to adopt more pets, access to more dens, and chances at gems and diamonds.

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While some things you might not be able to do unless you have a VIP membership to Animal Jam, one thing you can do regardless of your membership status is to become adopted by a “parent” player. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some tricks and tips for how becoming adopted works in Animal Jam.

Tips for Being Adopted in Animal Jam

Cute Animals Work Best– If you are trying to get adopted yourself, the best thing to do is use a cute animal as your main Animal Jam character. This includes animals like bunnies because they are cute and fluffy. If your character in Animal Jam is scary or comes off as harsh or not so cute or sweet, you will have more trouble being adopted. Basically, instead of going around as a mean gorilla you want to become a cute bunny or little dog, and that is because looks and species matter when it comes to being adopted by other players.

Dress Accordingly- If you want to be adopted, you need to dress cute but also dress like a small baby. People love to adopt babies so make sure you wrap your animal up in blankets in order to give the impression if being a small baby or infant. It is just like the pictures you see on the internet of people dressing up their animals like babies and swaddling them, so make sure you have your animal dressed like a cute snuggly baby in order to have a higher chance at being adopted.

Know the Meeting Area for Adoption- When it comes to adoption in Animal Jam, the Pillow Room which is in Jamaa Township is where you need to go. Most adoptions end up coming from the Pillow Room and it is important you use the servers that are the busiest since they are most likely to end up with you being adopted since more people are on them. Some days might be better than others, such as the weekened so make sure you keep that in mind when you head into the Pillow Room and always try again another day if nothing is going on.

Use Keywords- Once you are in the Pillow Room then you need to know how to talk if you want to be adopted. Use words that someone looking to adopt would want to hear, such as “I just need someone to take care of me” or “In need of a mommy or daddy.” It is important that you say phrases to let the players in the room know that you are looking to be adopted. If no one comes to get you, try a different server or try again later if things are not going well. It might take more than one try for you to get adopted.

Talk to Potential Parents– Once someone offers to adopt you, you want to talk to them for a while to make sure that they would be a fit for you. You will need to add that player to your buddy list in order to have them adopt you, so make sure you keep track of the good “parents” and the ones you don’t want to adopt you. Make sure you ask questions and don’t get adopted just by the first player who offers since it might not be a good fit.

Hang Out– After you have been adopted, the player will likely want you to hang out with them in their den, so this is why it is important you add them to your buddy list. That is all there is to getting adopted on Animal Jam.

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