Tips on Becoming a Good Tour Guide on Animal Jam

While we talk a lot about MovieStarPlanet, there’s a couple other highly successful games for children that your child might be interested in playing. One of these games is Animal Jam, which is a browser-based game that a lot of younger children really enjoy playing. Just like with MovieStarPlanet, you can play Animal Jam either using a free membership or by upgrading to the VIP membership.

By using our website, you’re able to earn a free paid membership to Animal Jam without having to pay real money. This is a great way to get all of the benefits of the VIP membership on Animal Jam for free, and it can really enhance the gameplay overall. If you remember back to the first time you logged into Animal Jam, you might recall having questions about the game. There are tour guides in Animal Jam that are available to answer questions players have and teach you the ins-and-outs of the Animal Jam world known as Jamaa.

We wanted to tell you how you can become a guide on Animal Jam, which might be something you are into if you’ve been playing the game for a long time. It can be still really fun to play the game itself if you’ve spent months or years playing, but some people want to change things up a bit.

Being a tour guide is one way that you can change it up on Animal Jam, and it can provide you with a feeling of satisfaction. Here are some tips we thought we would give you that can help you become a tour guide on Animal Jam and help out new players just as people helped you in the beginning.

Best Tips on Becoming a Great Tour Guide on Animal Jam

Teach New Players about the Trading System- If you want to be a good tour guide in Animal Jam, you should spend time teaching the new players about the trading system. The trading system in Animal Jam is important because it can allow you to get items you want or need in exchange for an item you don’t want or don’t use. While the staff in the game tries to ensure that players are legit and not scammers, it’s still possible to be scammed in the game.

You want to teach the new players the best way to trade and trade safely so that no one is getting ripped off. Scamming often times happens in Animal Jam when someone is trying to steal your really good items, so you need to explain that to the new players. It’s important to know how to recognize a scam and how to report people suspected of scamming. Make sure that the new players understand the trading process, what to watch out for in terms of scammers, and the best ways to report those scammers to the staff.

Make Your Clothing Choices Inviting- It’s important that if you are a tour guide on Animal Jam or if you want to be a tour guide that you are making good clothing choices. You don’t want to wear items that make you come off as mean or someone who is rude or scary. The clothing you choose to wear should be a little toned down and more professional in nature. Avoid clothing items and accessories that could scare away new players or make you seem uninviting to new players. Spiked collars are an item you should avoid if you are trying to be a good tour guide.

Tell Players About Diamonds- A lot of new people in Animal Jam are unaware of the in-game premium currency known as Diamonds. It’s important that new players understand this is premium currency, which means it’s hard to earn in the game for free. There’s a Diamond Shop that will sell you items only if you have Diamonds to pay for it. You want to go into detail about how you can get free weekly Diamonds if you are a paid member of Animal Jam and you will be able to earn more Diamonds by getting codes. It’s also important that you tell the players about the Daily Spin opportunity which can give you Diamonds or other cool rewards for free.

Talk about Adding Friends & Being Nice- If you want to be a good tour guide in Animal Jam, then you should also explain about the basic rules of the game when it comes to being nice. Animal Jam is a family-friendly game for kids, which means you have to follow the rules when it comes to being respectful and nice. Tell the new players about the no bullying rules and show them how to report people who are being rude or harassing players.

You also want to make sure you explain the process of adding friends to the friends list and how that can help you in the game itself. There is a chat in Animal Jam which is free to use and it’s a great way to communicate with people. You can talk to people on the friends list and there are different levels of chat depending on which membership you have. In order to be a great tour guide in Animal Jam, you’ll need to explain all aspects of friends and communicating with them. This could include things such as how to send the Jam-a-Gram and give them information on the Jammer Wall.

Show New Players the Game World & Various Areas- One thing that some tour guides forget to do is they forget to show the new players around. If you are looking to be a tour guide, it’s important that you spend time showing the new players the game world and the various sections of the game. You want to show them the best locations for meeting new people and which games are the funnest to play.

It’s also a good idea to explain to the new players where people go to have parties, and explain the different areas of the game. Animal Jam is such a big game world that new people can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to go or what to do. Tour guides are supposed to be there to give the players a tour, show them the ropes of the game, and to be there to give tips on the best spots to hang out in the game. You also can become friends with the new players and add them to your friend list so that if they have questions they can just quickly chat with you.

These are just some of the best tips we can give you if you are looking to become a tour guide on Animal Jam. Being a tour guide can be a rewarding experience because you are not only possibly making new friends, but you are helping new people feel welcome in the game world. Tour guides are also highly respected in Animal Jam and are there to help people with questions both big and small. If you follow some of our tips, we know it will help you become a great tour guide and it’s a very rewarding position within the game.

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