Tips for Nest Building in Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils is such a great game for children to play because you can hang out, chat with friends, participate in activities and have fun with your virtual pet. There are a lot of different aspects to this virtual world such as being able to decorate your nest. You can do this regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or a VIP membership. Of course, if you are a paid member of Bin Weevils you have more options when it comes to decorations and items for your nest.

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However, you can still decorate a wonderful home even if you don’t. If you have a nest and are not sure yet how to decorate it we are here to help you! Follow these tips found below to make the best nest possible in Bin Weevils and this gives you the chance to win the Best Nest Award.

Bin Weevils Nest Building Tips

Choose Complimentary Colors– You want to make sure that in Bin Weevils you make your nest great by choosing complimentary colors and the best color patterns. You want your room to basically have a specific color scheme throughout the entire area and you want to bring attention to your nest as a whole. If it is summer time you should choose warmer colors like golds, yellows, white and even green. If you want to get colorful for the fall then go with darker colors such as browns and orange colors to symbolize the changing seasons.

You want your nest to have a theme though and it will really make things go together in a new way. You want to make sure that the wallapaper and rug have a distinct color pattern or theme to it and then decorate accordingly with items.

Try to Match- When it comes to your nest a good tip to keep in mind is that everything looks better if it is matched up, and we mean matched up in every aspect. This means that you want to purchase an item such as a chair and then look around for other items that go with the chair in terms of color and design. If you want to buy your rug first you can do that, then go off that color scheme and design for other areas in your nest. Matching is always good because it gives your nest a feeling of being complete and being put together with thought.

Change the Small Things- If you are trying to make your nest better than everyone else, simply look at the small things and change them up. This means that you can and should vary the colors of the doors and the walls and also check out the ceiling as well. If you want to do a little more then hang up some cool pictures that go with the color and theme of your room. If you have a very bright background then you want to go with the bigger pictures because small pictures are unable to be seen in the bright backgrounds.

Use Various Disco Lamps- Disco lamps are a hot item in Bin Weevils and you should use at least a couple in your nest, but really you should use much more. Disco balls and lamps are fun and very entertaining and it will show your more playful side in the game. Plus disco balls go great with just about any color room or decoration choice you make.

Think Shelves– In Bin Weevils, you want to give your best when it comes to your nest so add some shelves for elegance. The shelves come in many sizes but the one with 12 shelves is the best, and then coordinate with complimentary colors. You also want to decorate the shelves but keep it limited to one specific thing such as all of your trophies or special items or maybe all of your collectibles. Do not have a ton of things on your shelf that do not make sense together because this will not win you any Best Nest Awards.

Sofa at the Bottom- When you want to make a good nest in Bin Weevils, you need to follow the tip of putting a sofa or two at the bottom of your room. There are a lot of sofas to choose from, with VIP members having the biggest selection and those with a free membership having not as much of a selection. The sofas range in price but it is always good to have at least one and if you can afford it two, placed right at the bottom of the room.

Use Weevil Colors- Another great tip to follow in Bin Weevils is to use colors in your nest that go with your Bin Weevil. If you have a red Bin Weevil then go with more red items or if your pet is blue then choose more blue items in your nest. It is a good idea to color coordinate with your Bin Weevil at least somewhat because it will bring everything together and it will likely make you stand out from the crowd.

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