Tips for Making MovieStarPlanet Run Quicker & Smoother ‘

MovieStarPlanet is one of the most popular online virtual worlds for children and teenagers available right from your browser. This is an Adobe Flash Player game that you can play through a free membership or a paid membership. We have special offers right here on our website that allows you to get the VIP membership without paying any real money? That’s right, just check out our website and complete the special offers to get as much as a 12-month membership to MovieStarPlanet completely for free.

As mentioned above, MovieStarPlanet is an Adobe Flash Player game that you can play right from your PC browser. You can run the game on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many other browsers that support Adobe Flash Player. The only downside to Adobe Flash games is that they can often times run slow and glitches can happen as a result of the slow down.

We wanted to tell you some of the best tips you can try right now that will help MovieStarPlanet run quicker and smoother on your computer. By utilizing the following tips, you will be able to play the game in a more enjoyable manner and have more fun with your friends.

Top Tips for Getting MovieStarPlanet to Run Smoother on Your PC

Turn Off Friends List- One way you can make MovieStarPlanet run smoother on your PC is to turn off your friends list completely. This is called going into hide mode and it’s a great way to possibly speed up the game itself. It’s also very easy to go into this hide mode since you only need to click the logo of MSP, which you’ll see on the left part of the screen.

There are a couple downsides to going into hide mode though, with the biggest being that you won’t be able to see your messages. If you are someone who is very social in MovieStarPlanet, not being able to see or get your messages might not be the best idea. You could always try it out to see if it makes the game run better, and if it doesn’t, then just turn your friends list back on.

Use a Wired Connection if Possible– The best tip we can give you to help make MovieStarPlanet run smoother and quicker is to stay on a wired connection. Wired connections are always much better in terms of response time and usually fixes lag issues in games. It’s definitely hard to be on a wired connection these days, especially since most people use laptops or tablets and not actual desktop computers. If there is a way you can manage to play the game while on a wired connection, we believe you will notice the difference in speed and performance almost immediately.

Shutdown Background Applications & Programs- A lot of people think that it’s fine to run MovieStarPlanet while you have other applications and programs open. While with the newest computers it’s likely true, many laptops and older computers will run horribly if too many programs are open. If you have noticed a lot of lag or slowness in the game, the best thing to do is just shut down all applications and programs you don’t need running. The only active program you should have open and running is the browser you are using to play the game. You also want to ensure that you only have one tab open within the browser you are using. That means don’t have social media tabs open or YouTube while you are trying to play MovieStarPlanet.

Don’t Use Moving Animations in the Game– If you’ve noticed the game is running slow and you don’t know what’s causing it, then you might want to think about animations. Moving animations can really slow down the game and it could cause a lot of lag while you are playing. It’s best to only post a status without a movie animation. The animation from your profile is okay, but other moving animations you might use in the game, such as your status, could result in severe lag.

Use Different Browsers for Comparison- You also can switch between browsers and try out a few different ones to see how they run the game. Some laptops and computers run quicker using Chrome, while others run better if Firefox is used. There are also other bare-boned browsers without add-ons that you can download and use that to play MovieStarPlanet. Not all computers will run the same way with a certain browser. Download a few and see what works best for you.

Uninstall Unused Programs- Uninstalling unused programs is something that works best if you are on an older computer and the entire system is running slowly. If you have old games installed you don’t play anymore, just uninstall them and you may notice a huge improvement in speed. A lot of programs use CPU even if they aren’t running or it could be running in the background even if you aren’t using the program. Old games take up a lot of room and can slow down the entire PC. This is one of the easiest ways to not only clear up space on your PC, but it will make the game run smoother and your browser run smoother overall.


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