Tips for Leveling Up Quickly in Moshi Monsters

In Moshi Monsters, you might have noticed it can be difficult to level up because you can only earn a certain amount of XP per day in the game. This means that it is going to take a while to get the XP you need to move up to the next level. Whether you have a free membership to Moshi Monsters or a VIP membership, the daily XP limit is in place.

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Even though there is a daily limit on the amount of XP you can earn, there are some tips and tricks that can help you level up quicker. By using these tips and tricks you will be able to level up much faster than you can just by maxing out the Moshi Monster XP daily limits.

Moshi Monster Tips to Leveling Up

Mystery Gifts- You can get a Rox Box Mystery Gift and this means you have the opportunity to earn even more XP. You can get anywhere from 10 to 50 XP through the Rox Box Mystery Gift and there is no limit on the amount of XP you can earn from these gifts. The only thing you need to do in order to get the XP from this special Mystery Gift is to get people to send you these Rox Boxes. The more friends you have in the game, the more people you can ask to send you these gifts.

You will notice you have a Friend Tree and this is where all of your friends are, and it basically acts like a Friend List for the game. If you have a ton of friends then it makes it more likely that you will get XP from the gift boxes. It is important to note that you won’t always get XP in the boxes and sometimes you get Rox, but it all is important and matters so be happy either way.

Daily Challenges- In Moshi Monsters there are Daily Challenges, which are at Puzzle Palace. If you do these challenges each time you login to the game you can earn XP, but you can only do these challenges once per day. If you have a paid membership to the game you can get double XP and double Rox from these Daily Challenges. One thing to know about the Daily Challenges is that they change throughout the year, so they will not get too boring which is nice.

Play Other Games- Good news in Moshi Monsters is that even if you completed the Daily Challenges, you can still earn XP by playing other games in Monstro City. There are games like En-Gen and these games will also give you some XP as well, and the Moshling Boshling is one of the most common and fun games you can play. Of course each game only gives out a certain amount of XP at a time, so only play the games that are quick so you can level up even quicker. The more you play the games the easier each game will get, and this means the quicker you can collect your XP and move onto the next level. Not everyone will think that the same game is worth their time, which means your friends might find a different game more appealing and worthwhile. There are also new games added to Moshi Monster throughout the year, so if you see a new game try it out and you might find you earn your XP and level up quicker that way.

Always Send Rox Boxes– While we talked about Mystery Gifts already you should know you should always be sending these types of gifts to your friends. The Rox Boxes is what you want to send at all times to all of your friends because it gives you the best chance at getting XP back. There is a button that says “Send Gift Back” and your friend can click this button to send you the exact gift you sent them. This makes it easier on your friends because they do not have to try to find the Rox Boxes and can just click a button to send you the same thing, which of course comes with XP. The only bad part is that if you have a free membership you can only send 10 gifts each day. If you have the paid membership to Moshi Monsters then you can send as many gifts as you want daily.

Send Gifts to Members– Even if you do not have a paid membership to Moshi Monsters, it is better to send your gifts to paid members. This is because paid members can send as many gifts as they want, so they can send you a gift back without it costing them anything and without exceeding a limit since members have no limits. If you are not sure how to tell who is a VIP member then just look for the gold frame around their monster picture. If you do not know many people in Moshi Monsters, then you can easily make friends in Moshi Monsters by playing games and hanging out in the game. You can just ask people if they want to be friends with you and if they say yes then you can add them to your Friend Tree. Make sure you try to befriend the members before the non-members since they are the ones who will more than likely send gifts out on a regular basis.

These are just some of the best ways that you can level up quickly in Moshi Monster. You might think that these tips will allow you to earn XP and level up within a day or two, and that is not true. Some of these tips do take a little time so you will still have to work at leveling up in Moshi Monsters. These tips and tricks though will allow you to level up twice as fast if not more than if you just played the game using the daily XP limit allowed.

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