Tips for Earning Rox in Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a virtual game world for children that has over 100 million users, and you can play with the free membership or a paid VIP membership. In Moshi Monsters, you can adopt a virtual pet monster that you can name and customize and then go on various adventures with your pet monster. In Moshi Monsters there are a ton of things you can do with your pet such as playing games, and you can earn in-game currency as well. The in-game currency is known as Rox and you can purchase items in the virtual store for your pet monster using Rox.

If you have been playing Moshi Monsters you probably have noticed that it can be hard earning Rox in the game. While you can earn Rox by playing games and doing various activities, you might be wondering what else you can do to earn Rox and earn them quickly without much work.

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Well good news for you because we have a lot of tips that can help you earn Rox in Moshi Monsters and these tips will work regardless of whether you have the paid membership or the free membership. If you follow our tips and tricks you will be on your way to earn more Rox in Moshi Monsters and this allows you to have more fun in the game and get more items for your monsters.

Tips for Earning Rox in Moshi Monsters

Daily Challenge– There is a Daily Challenge you can play in Moshi Monsters. If you are not sure where this is at simply go to the Puzzle Palace. You can find the Puzzle Palace by clicking on the map and looking for the icon and name. You will find that the Puzzle Palace looks like a huge castle and it has diamonds on it. If you play the Daily Challenge you will earn Rox and you can play this every day in order to earn more Rox for free. If you answer each puzzle then you will earn Rox, so the more puzzles that you finish in the Daily Challenge the more Rox you will earn.

Hall of Puzzles- One way you can easily earn Rox is to play the Hall of Puzzles. You will earn 5 Rox for each puzzle you complete at the Hall of Puzzles. You can play the Hall of Puzzles over and over to earn Rox, and you can play everyday if you want. As you move up levels in Moshi Monster, you unlock more puzzles in the Hall of Puzzles. This means that you might not have many puzzles if you are only level 1 or level 2 but if you are level 10 then you will find many puzzles you are able to complete to earn Rox.

Play Moshling Boshling- There is a game called Moshling Boshling and you can earn either 200 or 250 Rox each day by playing this game. If you have a paid membership you will earn 250 Rox a day playing Moshling Boshling. If you are just playing Moshi Monsters on a free membership then you will be able to earn 200 Rox a day playing this game. To get to the game click Main Street on the map, and look for the couple that is eating. You want to click on the basket by the couple as this is where the Boshlings are at stealing the couple’s cake.

You can play for a long time and if you want you can even play the same level over and over again. To earn Rox easily, just play the first level over and over and you will quickly earn your daily Rox. You can earn up to 30 Rox for each level you complete which means you can complete up to 8 or 9 levels each day.

Underground Disco- If you have the VIP membership on Moshi Monsters you can head to the Underground Disco and earn Rox this way. You will be able to create your own music and songs to earn Rox and it allows you to play your favorite music and earn Rox at the same time.

Catch Butterflies- Head on over to Flutterby Field and you will be able to catch butterflies which allows you to earn Rox in Moshi Monsters without doing too much work. You can find Flutterby Field on Main Street at the other end and you can click on the map to find exactly where this is located. All you do is run around the field and try to catch butterflies with your net. Be careful though because there are a lot of insects and creepy crawlies that you need to avoid while in this area.

Work At Ice Scream- If you want to earn Rox in Moshi Monsters you also can get a job at the Ice Scream Parlor, which is on Ooh La Lane. This does take some work though if you want to earn Rox by working at the Ice Scream Parlor. You need to serve quite a few ice creams to people in order to earn the Rox, and of course the seller of the ice cream takes a cut of your profit as well. This is basically like real life because it is like you are working and have to pay taxes on your earned money.

Sell Items– You can head to Dodgy Dealz up on Sludge Street and sell some items you no longer need that are in your chest. You can sell any items you want but you might not get many Rox depending on the item you are trying to sell so just keep that in mind because it won’t make you all that rich.

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