Tips for Becoming a Judge in MovieStarPlanet with a Free Membership

Did you know that if you check out our website and complete the special offers, you can get free MovieStarPlanet VIP codes? This would be a good thing because it’s needed in order to become a judge without question. A judge in MovieStarPlanet is pretty powerful and they are responsible for judging various competitions in the game. There is both a jury and a judge in MovieStarPlanet and the judge is allowed to disagree with the jury. A judge actually has more power than a jury in MovieStarPlanet when it comes to competitions and choosing winners.

While you can become a VIP member and become a judge that way, some people want to become a judge without having to get the VIP membership. We wanted to tell you some of the other ways you can become a judge without the VIP status. These tips will help people who are using the free membership on MovieStarPlanet have a shot at becoming a judge and judging the competitions in the game.

Tips for Becoming a Judge in MovieStarPlanet

Make a Ton of Friends- One of the best tips we can offer you to help you become a judge in MovieStarPlanet on the free membership is to make friends. The more friends you have the higher your status could become in the game. You want to become very popular and the only way to become popular is to make a lot of friends in MovieStarPlanet.

Collect as Many StarCoins as Possible- You can get a VIP membership in MovieStarPlanet by collecting a lot of StarCoins. If you get the VIP membership then you’ll instantly become a judge as long as you have a 6-month or higher membership level. StarCoins can be earned various ways in the game, such as by watching movies or making your own movies. 25 StarCoins are given out to people who make longer movies, while 10 StarCoins are given to those with shorter movies.

Be Nice and Personable- Along with making friends, you need to be nice in the game and be personable. No one will want to be friends with someone in MovieStarPlanet if they are rude or mean. The best way to earn friends and potentially become a judge is to be nice to people. This includes doing things such as complimenting people or helping people in the game. You want to also give out as many autographs as you can which will help you too.

Comment on Movies & Socialize- This goes along with being personable, but it’s important you comment on movies and socialize with other people. Complimenting other people is a good way to show that you are respectful and responsible in the game. A judge has to be someone that is looked up to by other people in the virtual world. If you are someone who comments on movies and leaves good comments for people, then they will respect you more. Try not to criticize, but instead offer positive affirmations on various movies. The more you get involved in the game and socialize, the more likely you’ll make friends, and then quickly move up the ranks to become a judge.

Watch Short Movies– One tip that could help you become a judge in MovieStarPlanet without purchasing a membership is to watch short movies. Just like with making your own movies to earn StarCoins, you can earn the coins by simply watching movies. You will earn 10 StarCoins for every short movie you watch. While you might not think that’s a lot of StarCoins, they will add up quickly if you spend an hour a day watching the movies. In your down time simply watch as many movies as you can to watch your StarCoin collection go higher and higher. Eventually, you will earn enough StarCoins to purchase a VIP membership and become a judge without spending real money.

Turn Your Movies into a Series- If you want to get people interested in you as a member of MovieStarPlanet and become more popular, you should make a series. A lot of people will be more likely to watch your movies if you turn them into a series. Instead of making several individual movies, you will earn more clicks if you have the movies tie together in some fashion. A series is the best way to get people to continue watching your movies one after the other. Make the series interesting so that people will want to continue watching and you will progress in the game quicker this way. The more interesting movies you make, the more likely you could become a judge in the game!

Make VIP Friends that have Animations– Lastly, you want to make friends in the game that are VIP. Not only do you want VIP friends, but you want them to have animations. If your friends have animations, you can use them in your own movies. Animations are one of the highlights of MovieStarPlanet and it will increase the odds people watch your movies. Get as many VIP friends as possible and use their animations to make your own movies. You can become a judge in the game just by using animations in your movies, which makes them more interesting, and also will make you more popular.

If you utilize these tips, then you’ll be more likely to earn a judge position in MovieStarPlanet without having to be a VIP member. These tips are good tips to use anyway in the game because it will help you get more popular and will get you more fame. It’s always a good idea to be a nice person in a virtual world because being rude or bullying others could get you kicked out of the game or even banned completely. Follow these tips and it’s likely you will become a judge in MovieStarPlanet in no time at all, and that will make the game much more fun overall.


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