Star Stable VIP Membership Benefits

Are you wondering what the VIP membership benefits are in Star Stable? If so, we are going to tell you just why you should be upgrading your free account into a paid membership. Before we get to that though we wanted to tell you a little bit about Star Stable. Star Stable allows you to race horses and play online games. This is aimed at children and young teenagers who enjoy a 3D horse racing experience.

You can play most of Star Stable for free, but if you want access to everything you will need to upgrade to the VIP membership which requires real money to purchase. The VIP membership in Star Stable is called Star Riders, and you can get 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month packages based on how many points you earn and how much you love playing. If you have been wondering what all of the benefits are to a Star Riders membership we are going to tell you so you will know whether it is something you want to invest in. It’s similar to getting moviestarplanet free vip except this one has even more benefits and it has horses! What’s better bieng a movie star or having a horse? Honestly we wouldn’t mind having both to be honest!

Star Riders Membership Benefits

100 Weekly Star Coins- Star Coins are the virtual currency in Star Stable, and as a paid member you will get 100 Star Coins every week for free. These Star Coins can be used in the game to purchase a variety of items including equipment for your horse or new clothing. There are also a ton of cool accessories that you can purchase with the Star Coins as well. Don’t forget that Star Coins are also what you will need if you want to buy another horse, so you need as many as you can save to get the best horse possible. If you get a paid membership to Star Stable the 100 free Star Coins will hit your account every week throughout your entire paid membership.

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Exclusive Areas & Exploration- While you do get to see a lot of Star Stable with a free membership, getting the VIP membership allows you to explore everything in Star Stable. There are quite a few member-only parts of the game including Hollow Woods. If you get the membership you will be allowed into the exclusive parts of the game which have many quests and games for only members. This is also a good way to make new friends because you will see other members in these areas as well and it can help you find more people to hang out with that are like yourself.

Member-only Equipment- You will have access to very exclusive member-only equipment as well. These are the special items that are only meant for the paid members of the game and it will be sort of like a way to brag to your friends and fellow players. The special equipment not only looks a lot more appealing to the eyes, but it definitely is way better in terms of helping you win races. The equipment also changes all of the time, which means that you will always see new items that you have exclusive access to in the game.

Riding Club Access- With the VIP membership you will also be able to make your own riding club in the game. This allows you the chance to invite friends or other players into your world and you have your own private channel to talk to them on. You also will be able to setup races with your friends by having special access to this feature. If you are someone who has a lot of friends you might find it is better to make your own Riding Club because you can get into more conversations and have more fun racing since it is your personal friends.

Special Horses- Since Star Stable is all about horse racing, you really will love how being a paid member gives you access to special horses. These horses are member-only horses and they are known as the Star Rider horses. These breeds of horses are special and not available to the free members. Some of the horses you will have access to include Andalusians, Friesians, and Arabians. You also have the ability to buy as many horses as you want since there is no limit for the VIP members on how many horses you can own. These special horses also might make it a lot easier for you to win races because they are mixed and special breeds that are known for being quick and agile.

If you become a Star Stable VIP member, you will notice all of these benefits plus some extras. Whether you want exclusive horses and equipment or just your own private Riding Club, the Star Riders membership has what you are looking for. You will continue to get all of the benefits of the paid membership for as long as you have it which means you can really earn a lot of items in this game without having to fork over the money to make the purchases otherwise.

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