Star Stable Free Star Rider Membership & Star Coins 2019

Star Stable is a very unique online game in which you are riding on the back of a horse as you ride through the very pretty island of Jorvik.

It starts out with you choosing the horse that you want to ride, then the more you ride, the better the horses are that you can choose from. In this game, not only will you be horseback riding and racing, but there are many quests that are full of adventure and mystery that you must solve to progress through the game. There are thousands of people from all over the world that are playing Star Stable, and once you sing up, you will also be able to run through the island with these players and compete in many different horse races. As an online game, not only can you become friends with people from other areas, but you can also choose to play with your friends as well. Speaking of friends, if you just want to hang out with your buddies and chat, you can do that as well in the Cozy Cafe, so there is definitely more going on than just racing and trying to compete with some of the best in the various competitions. There is also a little bit of simulation in Star Stable because you will need to take care of your horse, which you do by having your own stable in your home, and you must make sure your horse stays healthy so you can keep going on adventures.


The best part about Star Stable is the competitions and races, because you are among some of the most talented horse riders, and this means you always have to be improving in order to win the races. There are single-player trials that you can do by yourself, which is good for the beginning, since it helps you get used to the controls and the types of environments you will be racing in. The single player is also important because you will need to try the tracks to see what you need to improve on, and this can help when it comes time to finally race with the other players. You also want to make sure that you have a good idea of the best ways to get through the track, and being in the single-player mode can give you that chance to fiddle with the routes and the techniques that you can use to give you the best results. With so much variety in terms of horses and equipment, as well as environments and races, you will find yourself immersed in this game both in the single-player mode and the online mode. There is a huge championship as well in the game, and you can begin racing there when you feel ready, but make sure you know what you are doing or else you will not have a chance in the all-players-welcome championship games.

Get Free Star Coins for Star Stable for 2019


In Star Stable, there is a premium currency, which is known as Star Coins. Star Coins are used to purchase a lot of items in this game, including members-only items. You can get clothing, horse riding equipment, and if you save enough Star Coins, you can even purchase various high-quality horses. There are a lot of special breeds of horses in this game, some are higher in stats than others, while other horses are just a more muscular type of breed which then increases the chance you will win the race since your stamina is higher. The premium currency, Star Coins, gives you the chance to get all of these horses, whether you are just looking for a good everyday type of horse, or if you want a special high quality horse that you can use to help you later on in the bigger races. The Star Coins are vital for all of these horses as well as the items and clothing and other equipment you will need at all stages of the game.

2019 Free Star Rider Benefits

If you become a member, you will be known as a Star Rider, and there are many benefits to becoming a member in Star Stable. If you have the membership, you get access to the entire game, including a lot of features and items that are members-only. Some of the areas that you can only explore as a member include Hollow Woods and Fishing Village. You will get all of the weekly updates that happen in the game, which includes new areas you can explore and new races that you can participate in. As a member of Star Stable, you will also get a weekly amount of Star Coins, which is the hard premium currency of the game. As a member you get 100 Star Coins every week, and when you first sign up for the membership, you get 1,200 Star Coins just for becoming a Star Rider. Since Star Coins are needed to purchase the horses, you will be able to quickly save up enough currency to buy one of the more quality horses, such as Friesians, Andalusians, and the Arabians. These are examples of the high-quality breeds you can get, but only if you are a Star Rider, and the cool thing is that there is no limit on the amount of horses that you can own. If you get a membership, you also have the opportunity to start your own riding club, and this allows you a more private and enjoyable way to play with your closest friends on Star Stable. Each riding club has their own chat channel, which is also private, so you are really going to feel like you are part of a special club or that you are the owner of such a special club.

How to Get Your Free Star Stable Membership

Since we have just told you about all of the benefits of being a member to Star Stable, you now have the chance to earn a membership to this game completely for free, and all you need to do is sign up for our website. Let me tell you a little bit about how the website works because it is really easy to use, it is 100% free, and it is really fun if you want to get memberships for games like Star Stable. Basically, you do various small surveys and other tasks that give you certain amounts of points for each one. You collect points in your account and once you have a specific amount of points, you can cash out and redeem the points for the free game membership.

star-rider-free-membershipTo get into more details, it is free to sign up for our website, and you get 50 points automatically just for signing up in 2019. You must use your real information to sign up for an account, and you need to ensure you also use real information when you are filling out surveys and other offers, whether it is for us or our advertisers that you are doing a survey for. We have a lot of surveys, games, and other offers on our website, which are mostly from our advertisers, and each opportunity has a set point value. Complete the offers that you want, with it being vital you use real information during each task, and make sure you have filled out the survey or task completely before you submit it to be reviewed. After your work has been reviewed, and it has been verified you completed everything and used legit information, you will be rewarded with those points. There are also games you can download and play too, which also reward you a certain amount of points. Once you have saved up enough points, you can redeem the points in order to get game memberships that are completely free. You can get a variety of free game memberships, including 1-month game memberships, 3-month game memberships, and even 1-year game memberships. Not to mention, every other month in between that you can choose from, and you can as many free game memberships as you want as long as you have enough points.

If you refer your friends to the website, you will get a 10% commission on every offer your friend completes. You also can earn points for following us on social media websites, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is important to remember a few rules though when it comes to making sure you earn your points for your work. If you enter false information, such as a fake address or name, you will not be paid for this. If you fail to complete the offer requirements, which are always legit and not a scam so don’t worry, you will not be paid if you don’t finish all of the requirements. Sometimes the advertiser will have a certain demographic you need to fit into or other requirements, and if you do not fit into the demographics, then you will be screened out and you will not get any points for this offer since you did not complete the task. You also need to make sure that your browser has cookies enabled, because if your browser has cookies disabled, it will cause technical difficulties and it might stall out some of the offers and tasks. Just make sure you are going through all of the offers and completing them with real information every time and you will have no issues, and you will be on your way to earning free memberships for Star Stable.

Star Stable Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use in order to help you get the most out of Star Stable, which can help you not only be more successful in the races, but also will help you have more fun, whether it is by yourself or with your friends.

Train Your Horses– Whether you have one horse or many horses, in order to be successful in Star Stable, you really need to train your horses and train them often. As previously mentioned, Star Stable has a simulation type of aspect to it, which means that there are things you need to do in this game that you should also be doing in real life if you were riding a horse or competing in horse racing competitions. In Star Stable, every time that you train your horse or horses, the horse will go up a level, and this then increases your stats in the game. For example, if you are a level 19 rider but only have a level 1 horse, then you will find that you cannot beat level 19 riders if they are using a level 20 horse. Just like in a lot of other games, you need to increase your riding level and horse level to continue beating the other players, especially as you progress in the game. Training your horse is the best way to increase those stats and this helps you not only have a better chance of winning races, but it helps you increase as a rider and level up too.

Always Wear Racing Gear– Just like in real life, you need to make sure you are wearing racing gear when you are riding the horse in Star Stable. This is especially important if you are in the middle of a championship race or you want to compete in the championship races. You think you can ride bareback in a cool outfit and have a shot at winning, but that is not true at all. It would be like riding a horse in heels and a cocktail dress or something in real life, meaning, you just are not going to be winning that race when you look like your ready for a night on the town. If you want to look good horse riding there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to win the races, specifically the championship races, you need to think more about being practical and wearing the appropriate racing gear. There is a lot of different items and clothing in the racing gear inventory area, and just pick what you think will give you the best chance of winning, which means looking at items that have the best stats. Not only do you have to think about what will give you the best stats as a rider, but also make sure the items you are choosing gives your horse better stats, and this will help you win the competitions and races.

Adjust Graphics Settings– Sometimes when you are playing Star Stable, you will notice the game gets laggy and sometimes it will start glitching. If this happens you need to adjust your graphic settings, which is right under the options menu. You can move the the slider all the way over to the left and there are also post effect options and a vertical sync you want to look at too. The slider under the options menu is the main thing you will use to change the graphics, and just fiddle with it to get the best outcome for you, and most of the time this will fix the lag or glitching. In order to have the best chance of winning a race, you need to make sure you are changing the graphics settings to what fits you the best, because what works for someone else might not work for you depending on your computer and the graphics card you have installed. With this game you should not be afraid to change up the graphic settings early and often, meaning, if you are on a new track or course, check the settings to see if you can get better graphics because sometimes the settings for one track end up not being good for other tracks. Since there is a vast world in Star Stable with a lot of adventures and new environments, the graphics might not always look the best they can be if you keep the setting at just one level. While you might think that the default settings for the graphics would be the best, this is often not the case, so make sure you check them out when you first start the game to see if they need changed right off the bat.

Look for Shortcuts– One of the best things you can do in Star Stable is to look for the shortcuts, because typically there is at least one shortcut in every race. A lot of players though end up not talking about shortcuts because it’s often one of the easier ways to get ahead in a race, and of course, if it gives you a leg up on winning a race, you are not going to want to tell people about it. It ends up being something you just need to figure out for yourself most of the time, unless you have a nice friend that will show you some of the shortcuts as a favor when you first start playing the game. It is important to remember when you are racing that the shortest way to the finish line is being in a straight line, so a lot of the shortcuts involve staying relatively in a straight line no matter what the track or environment looks like. Keep in mind that when you jump, you will slow down a little bit, and sometimes that little bit is enough to make you lose the race. When you are on your horse, you probably will realize instead of jumping over an obstacle, you will have a better outcome if you just go around it. It is important though to remember that you can’t spend all day looking for these shortcuts, because it will be harder to find if you are sitting there looking for them. Just run the course a couple times without thinking about shortcuts and then start to think about how you can get through it quicker, and sometimes the shortcuts will be obvious to you, while other times you may never find the shortcuts without asking someone. Not all tracks will have shortcuts either, so that is also why you can’t spend all day looking for them, because they might not always be there, but typically there is at least one at some point.

Practice and Change Up– While it might seem like common sense, one of the best tips for this game is to practice, and also change up the items and horses you are using for the races. The best way to improve in the game and in the races is to practice because practice will help you get better and become more comfortable with the horses. Some courses work best with different items or a different horse, and you will just have to change things up in order to find out what works best for you. You might notice that changing one piece of equipment ends up cutting down your time on the track significantly, and you need to be aware of which combinations give you the shortest time on the track. In terms of what items work best for which course, it is really just about what you prefer and the horse you are using, and there is really no way to tell you because it is more about what you feel works best. This is why single-player is very important in this game, because it gives you the chance to try different horses and items or equipment to see which combinations give you the best time on the track. You might want to grab a pen and piece of paper and write down the times using the various combinations and then you will figure out which items and horses work best for what.

Know Important Stats– You might be new to the game and unsure of what stats you need to be paying attention to or improving in order to be more successful in the races. For Star Stable, the swiftness and speed stats are the most important, so make sure these numbers are as high as they can be to have the best shot at winning races. Second important is command, discipline, and agility because these stats help you turn faster around the track and help your horse be more effective and efficient. Lastly, jumping is a stat that you need to pay attention to because obviously jumping helps you get over the obstacles better. Like it was stated before though, often times going around the obstacles are better than trying to jump them since jumping does take some time, and it will slow you down a little bit. If you improve your jumping stat though, it will be less noticeable in terms of how jumping impacts your time.

Save For the Better Horses– In Star Stable, you want to make sure you are at least saving enough money to get yourself one really good horse. You might want to keep upgrading your horse the second that you have enough money for the next option, but this is not always the best course of action. It is kind of like owning cars, such as having a work truck for some activities, driving an economy car for everyday work, and then you have your nice Lexus for nights out on the town or special trips. It is similar to that idea because you want to have the horse you start with, which is like the beater car you get when you turn 16, but then save up your money to get a nicer horse because it will help you win more races and the stats will be better and easier to obtain, and then really save your money for at least one really nice horse. The horses all have different stats and they all have special attributes, so the most money horse isn’t always the best for all races, but you do want to make sure you aren’t just spending your money on the next option because there probably won’t be a lot of difference in the stats. It is better to keep the same horse for a while, and just start saving up so that you can get yourself a really nice horse for when you are more progressed in the game, because you will need better stats to continue competing with other players. Don’t spend all your money on expensive horses or always get expensive horses, but make sure you have one really nice one in your pack for those special races where you need to have the best you can for the best chance of winning.

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