Star Stable Guide for Parents: Educational Benefits

Star Stable is one of the best online virtual worlds for children, specifically aimed at children ages 8 through 16. You might be a parent wondering about Star Stable in terms of how this online world works and what types of benefits your child might get through playing this game. You are in luck because today we are going to talk about Star Stable and the benefits for children as well as a ton of other information as a parent you might want to know about the game before letting your child play. Before we get into all you need to know as a parent about Star Stable, we are going to tell you a little bit about what Star Stable is.

In Star Stable, you basically have a virtual horse in which you can ride all around the world. You also can participate in various horse-riding events and contests and you will have a ton of fun going on many horse-riding adventures.

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Star Stable is also an entirely 3D world which is really cool because you are able to compete with other players in this 3D horse-riding and horse racing adventure. You will also be able to do various quests as you go through Star Stable and learn the story of the game. There is so much that your child can do in this game, and did you know that it is also educational? Sit back and continue reading as you learn the educational benefits of Star Stable for children.

Star Stable: Educational Benefits for Children

Learning Social Skills– Star Stable allows your child to build their social skills and learn how to interact with other children and players from all over the world. Your child will be able to chat in Star Stable, which is moderated, and this helps build up their social skills. Your child will learn how to make friendships and build relationships with others through the riding clubs in Star Stable and through the chat functions. If your child is shy then this might be a good way to get them to come out of their shell a little bit by bonding with online players who are into Star Stable like they are.

Problem Solving– You might not realize it but Star Stable also helps your child with problem solving and allows them to build problem solving skills. This is through the Star Stable quests and challenges which are found all throughout the game. Your child has to navigate this online world and learn how to read maps in order to get to the expanded areas of the game. Your child will also have to figure out which horses are the best in terms of racing and which skills are important for the horses, such as speed and agility.

Responsibility- Star Stable teaches your child responsibility, which comes both from managing money and also caring for the horses in the game. In Star Stable, the virtual currency is called Star Coins and you can earn these by participating in various quests and events, and also by winning the horse-riding competitions. Your child will have to learn how to manage the money so they can purchase items they want or need for their horse.

Your child will also have to save money to purchase the better horses, which is all part of money management and financial responsibility. In terms of the horses, your child will have to take care of them and make sure they are fed, bathed and happy just like a real animal. This means your child will learn about the big responsibility that comes with having a pet and raising the pet.

Reading and Reading Comprehension– In Star Stable, your child will be constantly reading and learning throughout the stories being told in the game. The Star Stable story itself is one of the best reads for children in the game. The Star Stable story is already up to 248,000 words. The story keeps growing and getting bigger and better over time, so there is always something new to read and learn in this story. This story also encourages your child to read fiction and teaches them all about reading comprehension.

Your child will learn new words they never heard before that relate to horses, taking care of them and also horse-riding and racing. Your child will also be reading stories throughout the various quests and challenges too, so they will be reading a lot within the world as there is more to this game than just competitions and horse-riding.

Learning about Competition- Another thing that Star Stable does in terms of teaching your child is that this game helps your child learn about competitions and healthy competition among friends. Your child will have many friends in this virtual 3D online world, both from real life and just from online. In Star Stable, your child will be competing with these friends in the horse-riding competitions. This means your child will learn about coming in first place, second place and possibly not placing at all in the competitions.

This allows your child to learn about becoming a good loser and also a good winner, not rubbing wins in the faces of friends but also not being a sore loser if they do not win the competitions. In this game your child will realize just how much work it takes to win a competition and this will build up grit when it comes time to either win or lose in the races. There is also healthy competition among friends in this game and your child will learn what healthy competition is all about, and the difference between that and simply being rude after a win or loss.

There are a lot of other educational benefits of Star Stable as well but these are the biggest benefits that your child will have if they play Star Stable. The biggest thing to remember is that no matter how old your child is, they will be able to learn quite a bit from playing the game and racing the horses. This is especially useful if your child is younger and wants to learn about taking care of an animal because they can learn by taking care of a virtual animal.

If your child is in elementary school then this game is really beneficial because of all of the reading and stories that are told within the game. You can rest easy knowing that Star Stable is more than an online world for your child as they will grow and learn through the various activities found in the games.

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