Roblox Builders Club Membership Benefits

There are several reasons why you might want to have a Free Builders Club Membership for Roblox. We are going to tell you about all of these benefits of the paid membership to Roblox, which gives you more than the free membership. If you have not heard about VIP memberships in Roblox, then you might know it by the other name which is the Roblox Builders Club. The Builders Club allows you to get so many more features and functions than the free version of the game itself.

Roblox is a game that is designed for children between 8-years-old and 18-years-old and in it you can build your own world and also create worlds to share with others. You will be simulating real world environments in Roblox and you have a lot of tools in the tool box to help you with your designs and help through the building process. Not only will you be able to build your own world and share it with others if you want, but you also can play the worlds that other people have built and interact with other players.

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Before we tell you about the benefits of the Roblox Builders Club we wanted to let you know there are three different VIP memberships you can get in Roblox. They are known as Classic, Turbo and Outrageous. Depending on which membership option you choose you will get various rewards and benefits but they all have a ton of members-only perks that free memberships do not have.

Roblox Builders Club VIP Membership Benefits:

Active Places to Roam- You will be able to go all through Roblox with the Roblox Builders Club because it gives you unlimited access to active places. If you get the Classic then you get 10 places, the Turbo comes with 25 active places and the Outrageous gets 100 active places.

Robux Everyday– If you are a paid member on Roblox you will also get daily Robux, which is really nice since Robux is the main virtual currency in Roblox. You will get $15 a day as a Classic member and $35 if you are a Turbo member. If you choose the Outrageous membership then you will get $60 a day in free Robux so any way you go you will be getting free Robux everyday. You can save up all your Robux and spend them on something cool or you can spend them the day you get them as it is all up to you.

Create Your Own Groups- If you have the paid membership on Roblox you will be able to create groups. You can create up to 10 groups with Classic, while the Turbo membership allows you to create up to 20 groups. If you have the biggest membership which is Outrageous, then you are able to create up to 100 groups. If you do not get the paid membership, then you are limited to only creating five groups.

Joining Groups– You will be able to join more groups in the Roblox Builders Club and this allows you to make more friends. If you have the Classic membership you can join 10 groups, while Turbo allows you to join 20 groups. If you have the Outrageous membership you can join up to 100 groups.

Ad Free Browsing- On Roblox, there are a lot of advertisements if you do not have a paid membership. If you get the paid membership, no matter which one, you will experience an ad free gaming world. If you do not like ads and do not like using Ad Blockers, then it is well worth getting the VIP membership to avoid seeing these ads.

Signing Bonuses- You also will get a signing bonus just for becoming a VIP membership, but this is only for first-time members. You will get $100 in Roblox no matter which membership option you choose. The signing bonus is a one time thing which means it happens when you first sign up and not any other time after that.

Sell Items- You will be able to sell items if you become a member and this is an exclusive option that is only available for the paid members. You will be able to sell any items you do not want and you will get paid Robux for these items from other members.

Beta Features- You also will have access to BC Beta Features which means anything new released in the game that is in Beta mode, you will be able to play first before anyone else. Being the first one to access upcoming features and functions of the game is a really cool exclusive feature.

Cool Hat– You will get a virtual hat which is pretty cool and this is a members-only hat that is exclusive. This item is not available at all for the free players of Roblox which means as a Roblox Builders Club member you will be more unique and stand out in the crowd.

Paid Access No Matter What- As a member, regardless of which paid membership you choose, you will have 70% paid access to the game. If you are a free member of Roblox then you will only have 10% paid access to the game so you really get more just by being a member.

Trading- As a Roblox Builders Club member you will be able to use the trading system in the game. This is only for the members as this is not available in the free membership to Roblox.

Personal Server Exclusive- You will also have access to personal servers if you have a Roblox Builders Club membership and this is a members-only exclusive benefit. If you want to get online and invite your friends to join you on your own server you will be able to do that, which is cool if you do not like playing with random strangers.

There are plenty more benefits to getting the Roblox Builders Club membership but these are the biggest benefits you will notice by purchasing the paid membership. These benefits last as long as you have a paid membership account so be sure to get started earning your points on today so you can before a member and get all these cool perks!

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