Quickest Ways to Earn StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet

In MovieStarPlanet, StarCoins are the main currency found in the game. They are not the premium currency, which means you can easily earn StarCoins in the game from doing a variety of tasks. StarCoins are often times used to buy accessories, clothing items, props, and more movie star extras that you can use within MovieStarPlanet. If you have been playing the game for a while now, you might be wondering how you can earn more StarCoins. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the best ways you can earn StarCoins quickly in MovieStarPlanet.

Top Ways to Quickly Earn StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet

Play Games– There are so many games available to you on MovieStarPlanet, and playing the games earns you StarCoins. The best thing to do is find a couple games you are really good at, since that helps you earn more StarCoins quickly. If you are just okay at some of the games, you can still earn StarCoins, but it will not add up nearly as quick. Take a couple games where you can earn a lot of StarCoins and focus on those games.

Become VIP – If you want to get the most StarCoins possible in MovieStarPlanet, the best thing to do is become a VIP member. These are the paid membership options and each one has a set number of StarCoins you can earn. You will earn a bonus amount of StarCoins for just signing up for the VIP membership. The amounts will depend on which option you selected, but the year membership gives you the most StarCoins. Every day, you will also get free StarCoins in your bank if you are a Star or Elite VIP member.

Spin the Wheel Daily- Every day, you will be given at least once chance to spin the Daily StarCoin Wheel. You can earn a lot of StarCoins this way, just by spinning the wheel. Whatever number it lands on is the number of StarCoins you will automatically earn. Sometimes you might have two, three, or even four chances to spin the wheel for StarCoins. If you are on a free membership you will have less chances per day to spin the wheel compared to those with free moviestarplanet vip memberships.

Complete Various Quests– You will find at the top of the MovieStarPlanet page, there is a spot where Quests are located. These quests will earn you a ton of StarCoins if you complete them. It is important to note you have to complete the quests in order to earn the StarCoins. Most of the quests are simple and require little actual work on your part. Click the Quests button and you will see which quests are available for you to complete. New ones are added all of the time, so if you run out, you can keep checking daily because more will pop up for you to do.

Watch Movies– One way that does not take very long to earn StarCoins is by going through and watching movies. People submit movies every minute on MovieStarPlanet, and the more movies you watch, the more StarCoins you will earn. The movies are all very short, most being 30 seconds or less, so you can watch a ton of movies in just 30 minutes. While you do not earn a whole lot of StarCoins for each movie you watch, it will add up quickly if you just spend time watching the movies.

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