Poptropica Tips for Early Poptropica Island

Are you wondering how to beat Early Poptropica Island in Poptropica? We have all of the tips and tricks you need in order to beat this Island, which was actually the original Island within the game. If you are playing Poptropica, which is a game aimed at children, you should know Early Poptropica Island is supposed to be the easiest Island in the game. We are going to tell you all you need to know in order to beat this really cool place, but first wanted to let you know more about the game.

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As we said, Poptropica is aimed at children and it is a game in which you are in a virtual world with many different Islands. You can play Poptropica with a free membership or get the VIP membership to have more maps and Islands to venture out to and more quests and puzzles to solve. If you want to get one for free go here: https://freegamememberships.com/poptropica-codes/

Whether you have a child that is age 6 or a child age 12, this game is pretty much fun and educational for children of all ages. Obviously the older your child is, the more fun they will have in Poptropica as there are many quests which rely on reading and problem solving skills. Each Island has quests, puzzles and various games in it and it is educational but also very fun at the same time. Early Poptropica Island features many awesome puzzles and quests for you to do, but for some people it can be a little confusing.

If this is your first time playing Poptropica then you really might get confused on Early Poptropica Island. Whether you have a free membership to Poptropica or a paid membership, there are things about Early Poptropica Island that will confuse you to no end. Continue reading to learn more about how you can successfully beat Early Poptropica Island without wasting too much time or items trying to figure it out.

Essential Tips for Early Poptropica Island:

Talk to the Settlers- The first thing you want to do when you get to Early Poptropica Island is head over as far right as you can. This is because the Settlers are over there and you need to talk to them. Upon talking to the Settlers you will get the word a pig has gone missing and this will be your job to find the pig. The key is that the Settlers will blame a spider and tell you a spider has stolen his pig.

Pay Attention to the Bucket– Once you hear about the pig, another Settler will tell you that their bucket was stolen from them, which was in a well. The interesting part is that you will be told the person responsible is another Settler. This means that you need to find the Settler who is on top of the tower, and this Settler will tell you that he had a flag stolen from him and he wants to get it back.

Head to the Fire Hydrant- After you talk to the Settlers who claim they had items stolen you need to head all the way back the beginning of the game. This is because you need to find the fire hydrant because you have to go through the sewer which is nearby. This sewer mission requires you to go all the way down inside of the sewer gate to continue the missions for the Settlers.

The Pig is in the Sewer- We are telling you to go down into the Sewer Gate because within the Sewer you will find the pig that belongs to the missing Settler. This pig can be located by going all the way to the right side of the Sewer, and he will be at the bottom. Grab up the pick and begin your trip back to the streets. You want to click on the Settler who said he was missing the pig and he will take the pig back from you and thank you for finding the pig.

Go the Well- After you finish that you have to go over to the well and head down into the well. You will notice a glow stick is in the area on the left hand side. Pick up this glow stick and then get out of the well and move towards the starting point in Early Poptropica Island. Keep going until you find Poptropica Towers.

Look for the Pothole– There will be a pothole on Poptropica Towers and you need to head into the pothole in order to get to the Sewer Maze. The Sewer Maze will lead you to a golden egg, which you need to quickly pick up and then head back up the buildings.

Get to the Top of Building- You want to head back up the buildings until you get to the very last one and then head up the vine in order to reach the very top of the building. You will notice a giant at the very top of this building and you have to click on him. There will then be a jetpack all the way on the right and a bucket. Grab both items and then head back down going to Main Street. Find the Water Tower and then head up the Water Tower using the jetpack.

Grab the Flag- There will be a flag on the top of the Water Tower and you want to take the flag, then go to the man who needed the bucket and give him the water bucket you just found. Lastly, give the Settler the flag by heading to the Wooden Tower and a ship will come to the shore. Click the man to earn your medal for the Early Poptropica Island missions.

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