PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming

The battle between console gamers and PC gamers is one that has long been fought, with the gaming industry growing more and more every year, it is difficult to truly determine the winner, so I will be exploring the pros and cons of both.

One of the worst things about console gaming is that the major companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are actively competing with one another to have the best, most up to date technology, so they are all releasing new consoles pretty much every year so we, as consumer are having to spend a lot of money, just to keep up to date and be able to play the newest games.
On the other hand, with PC gaming, a good gaming PC can get incredibly expensive with some of the higher quality machines costing $1000+. Most of the best games on the market right now can require fairly good specifications from the computers that are able to run them otherwise users will not have an enjoyable experience. However, once you do have a good machine to run your games on, you typically shouldn’t need to upgrade for a few years.

A lot of emphasis has been put on being actively physical during gameplay in the console market in recent years, with the release of the Xbox Kinect and the PlayStation Move joining the already physical gameplay of the Wii. This type of gameplay encourages a healthier lifestyle for both casual and hardcore gamers, which is not encouraged amongst PC gamers.
The only charges for the majority of PC games is the initial cost of the game with the option to purchase extra downloadable content, one of the major game platforms on PC – Steam, does not charge its users to have full usage of their software, there are no subscription fees to fully enjoy both social and gaming aspects. On the Xbox, to fully experience the extent of what they have to offer, you have to pay a subscription fee for Xbox Live, which is something that deters a lot of users to either PC or other consoles.
With a PC, you typically can’t just insert a disc and start playing the game straight away, you have to install the game before you can play, whereas on consoles you are given the option to install as a way of backing up your game data or just play the game. On the other hand, because most PC games are digitally distributed and require no physical game disc to play, you are being a lot more environmentally sound as well as saving yourself an entire bookshelf of space, I don’t think I would even have the space store all of my steam games if they were in physical form.
Console gaming is typically somewhat more social than PC gaming, with the ability to have multiple users playing on one console at the same time; it encourages its users to physically interact with each other. The Wii is actively marketed as a family console which entourages both gaming and spending time with your family. PC gaming is slowly catching up with the integration of different VOIP programs where users from all over the world are able to connect and chat.
Both types of gaming has their pros and cons, what it comes down to though, is that we are all gamers no matter what platform we decide to engage in.

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