Newest Movie Star Planet Movie Competition Winners

Movie Star Planet is an online virtual world where you have an avatar that you can use to play games, chat with other players and even create movies. Each week a new movie theme is released on Movie Star Planet, and if you want to win you must use items and sentences that relate to that specific theme. You use your avatar and dress them up in clothing items and also use various accessories in your movie in order to have a chance to win the competition.


The more popular you are in the virtual world the more people will watch your movie and rate it, which means the higher chance you have of winning the movie competition. The newest movie competition winners were just announced on Movie Star Planet, and we thought we would tell you who these special winners are.

MSP Wars Winners

In order to have a chance at winning the “MSP Wars” movie competition you needed to use three sentences in very interesting ways. Whether you have a paid membership or a VIP membership, you are allowed to submit a movie for this competition and have a shot to win. The three sentences that you had to use include “use the power” as well as “look an alien” and “I am in outer space.”

First place was “Best MSP War Day Ever” which was submitted by 1234LoveMo. Second place was “Battle of the Rebels” by Joshtucker. Third place was “MSP Wars: Ep. 1” which was submitted by AmandaLee2134. We want to say congratulations to all of the winners of the MSP Wars movie competition and all of these entries were amazing to watch.

Safer Internet Day 2016 Winners

The three sentences you needed to use for this movie include “it’s cool to be nice” as well as “it’s cool be yourself” and “be safe online.” You had to use all of these sentences as well as the background, clothing and accessories that went along with this theme. You could use other props and items as well but a majority of your items and movie had to include the theme “Safer Internet Day 2016” in order to have the best shot at winning.

First place ended up being the movie “Be Safe On The Internet” which was by Waterfallstream. Second place belongs to the movie “Saftey Online on MSP” which was by SLF152. Third place was “Safe Internet Day 2016” by lifeisgold14. We wanted to say congratulations to all of the winners of the Safer Internet Day 2016 movie submission contest as there were a lot of entries to this movie.

Red Valentine Winners

For this movie you had to use the sentences “share the love” as well as “be my Valentine” and “love is all around.” You had the best chance of winning the Red Valentine movie contest by using these three sentences in unique and interesting ways.

There was only one winner on this movie contest, which was the same movie by the same person over and over. This person was Evelynn M who submitted the movie “Getting Rose to Love Valentines Day” and this won first, second and third place. We wanted to say congratulations to the winner of this movie competition on Movie Star Planet and the movie was definitely very cool to watch.

You might be wondering how this is possible, but it comes down to having a VIP membership on Movie Star Planet. VIP memberships allow you the chance to submit more than one movie for the same theme and give you a higher chance of winning. You might not think this is right but there are a lot of free membership players who win weekly as well, it just depends on the theme and whether the paid members choose to submit more than one movie.

Regardless all of the above on Movie Star Planet are winners and we want to say congratulations to them, especially those who won first place. With the Movie Star Planet movie competitions, there is always a lot of competition and players who submit movies each week for a chance to win one of three spots. Which means that getting first place is something to be really proud of since there are so many great movies that are on there each week to be viewed by the players and staff.

When it comes to the free memberships and the paid memberships, you can submit a movie each week even if you win the movie competition the week before. There is no limit on the amount of times you can win a movie competition or win the movie competitions overall on Movie Star Planet. The best part though about the Movie Star Planet movie competitions is that a new contest begins each and every week and you can submit your own movie to have a chance to win the current competition right now!

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