Newest Club Penguin Updates Includes Club Penguin Island News

Club Penguin is one of the most fun games out there for children. This game is a browser-based game based on penguins. You have a penguin avatar and you run around in a winter-themed world playing games, going on missions, chatting with friends, and exploring the islands. There are some social aspects of Club Penguin too, such as programs like Coins for Change where Club Penguin users donate their coins in order to help real-world causes like the World Wildlife Fund.

You can play Club Penguin using a free membership, but there is also a paid membership available which gives you more perks and benefits. A couple of the benefits of having the Club Penguin paid membership is that you have more access to adopt Pet Puffles and make more igloos for your penguins. You also will have ways to earn free in-game currency and you will be able to go on special member-only missions.

club penguin beta update

Regardless of whether you have a free membership or paid membership on Club Penguin, it is important to know what is going on in the game.  By knowing what is going on in Club Penguin, you will become a more valuable player in the game, and it can lead to real-world changes. One of the things that Club Penguin does weekly is hand out a Penguin of the Week award, which is based on being nominated by other people in the game. We thought we would tell you the latest Penguin of the Week winner, as well as tell you about some cool things coming to Club Penguin in the near future.

Club Penguin News & Updates

penguin of the week

Penguin of the Week– First of all, we want to talk about who the latest winner of Penguin of the Week is in Club Penguin. The winner for Penguin of the Week this week is Tigergirl87. Tigergirl87 was nominated by both Poppy51253 and Dance17717. The nominations said that Tigergirl87 is both a very fun person to be around, and a very positive person to be around. She is someone who is there to cheer you up when you feel down or sad, and she is always giving back to the community. She also has very good style and dresses up her penguins in such cute outfits.

We wanted to say congratulations to Tigergirl87 for winning Penguin of the Week. She will get a cool Penguin of the Week background and 10,000 coins as a result of being chosen. If you want to nominate someone, you can head to Club Penguin and leave a comment under the Penguin of the Week section. You can nominate someone as many times as you like, and you can nominate someone regardless of whether or not they are a free member or paid member of Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Island Beta Update– Another update for this week is that there is progress in the Geo-Beta version of Club Penguin Island. The team is getting things done for the final release, but did you know that right now only a few regions can access the beta? If you have an Android device, you get the beta if you live in Australia or New Zealand. If you have an iOS device, you can get the beta if you live in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Currently, the beta version of Club Penguin Island is not available for people in the United States or other countries.

Some fixes that have come to the new beta update include updates to quick chat phrases, updated item descriptions, and better chat functionality. There are more fixes for the clothing designer section, fixes to the sound effects in the game, and fixes to the graphics for older devices. There also are fixes and performance boosts for the Daily Challenge. All of the previous bugs that were in the Club Penguin Island beta version should be gone, but if you notice any more while you are playing, you should let the developers of the game know by commenting on the blog for Club Penguin Island. There will be more updates on this coming soon, as well as more release dates and regions for the beta. The final version will also be coming out soon, but no date has been announced as of yet.

megg meetup

Megg Meet-Up– Lastly, we thought we would tell you about the Megg Meet-Up that just happened. She is going around looking at some of the cool igloos that people in Club Penguin have made, and these are always fun to go around and visit. January 17 Megg was on the Hockey server at 4:30 pm PST. On January 18, you could find Megg at the Hockey server at noon PST. There was a special meet-up on January 17 at 5 pm PST on the Avalanche server around Coconut Cove for those who are part of the Club Penguin Island Geo-Beta program. If you missed Megg at any of these meet-up times then do not worry because she will be coming back to visit more igloos very soon.

These are just some of the latest updates to come out of Club Penguin for the past week or two. We wanted to let you know to keep your eyes open to the Club Penguin website because the beta of Club Penguin Island for Android and iOS is about to expand out to other regions. This means that the final release will be happening before you know it. A lot of people on Club Penguin are excited for this new mobile Club Penguin game, and it is cool that both Android and iOS will soon have this game in their pockets. We will keep you informed on when the Club Penguin Island beta releases for more areas, including America, since that is where a lot of the Club Penguin players come from. There also will be more cool things coming to Club Penguin Island this year, and you can expect that we will keep you informed on all of the Club Penguin news you should know and need to know.

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