Neopets Trading Post Tips & Tricks

There are many tricks and tips that you should know if you are playing Neopets and want to get into the Trading Post aspect of the game. Before we tell you about those Trading Post tips, we want to give you a little background about Neopets.

Neopets is a virtual world aimed at younger children where you adopt virtual pets and have to take care of them. You can enter into the virtual world known as Neopia with either a VIP membership or a free membership. While you can do a lot of things with the free membership, having a paid membership allows you full access to the game and gives you a chance to earn more virtual pets.

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There are a lot of things you can do in Neopets such as play games, chat with others and even learn cool history facts. There is also a Trading Post within Neopets which is where you can go if you would like to sell items or buy items within the game. You often can get discounts on items you want in Neopets by going to the Trading Post because this is a player-to-player buy and sell marketplace.

If you are new to Neopets then you might want to know a little bit about how the Trading Post works, which can help you be more successful when it comes to selling or buying items you need for your virtual pets. We are going to tell you some of the best tips for entering into the Trading Post as these tips and tricks can really help you get more out of the game and you will have more fun overall.

Neopets Guide: Trading Post Tips & Tricks

Use the Wishlist- In the Trading Post there is a Wishlist section which is where you put items you would like to make a trade for or where you put items you would like to have. It is like any other Wishlist you might have heard about before, which means this is where you simply put items you would like to have.

In Neopets, you can include items that you would like as well as what you would trade to get that item. The Wishlist is an optional part of the Trading Post but it helps other players know whether or not they have something to offer you for the trade and what value you put on the item you want.

Creating Trades is Easy- If you want to create your own trade in the Trading Post, it is really easy to get through this process. Simply head over to the Trading Post main page and then click on the “Create new trade” button. At that point simply choose the item or items you would like to trade, and you can pick up to 10 items to trade.

The post will then stay up on the Trading Post site for 14 days and after that it is automatically removed by the Neopets system. It is important to know though that you cannot include Neopoints in this part of the process as the creation of trades is simply for actual items and not currency.

Making an Offer– If you see an item you want and you want to make an offer to the player in Neopets, simply click on the “make an offer” button. This should be right next to the item you are looking at and you can click to assign a Neopoint value if you would like. You also can choose to trade for both an item you have an Neopoints so it is up to you how to make an offer on an item listed. Players can choose to accept or deny your requested offer.

Rejecting or Accepting Offers– When it comes to offers on the Trading Post, you can accept or reject offers that other players send you on the items you have listed in the Trading Post. This also means that if you make an offer on something, a player can accept or deny your offer as well. There is an offer icon you will notice at the top of the main Neopets page, and if you have an item in the Trading Post the number of offers made on your item should show up right there.

Click on that to get to the Trading Post and from there you can look at each item you have listed to view the offers on each item. Once you are at this point, you can accept, deny or counter-offer the offers that are now on your page.

It is a very simple process since you just need to click on “# of offers on this trade” and it brings up the entire list of offers that other players have sent your way for the item you have listed in the Trading Post. If you are new to Neopets, it is better sometimes to only put a few items up in the Trading Post at a time because it makes learning how offers work much easier if you have not done this before.

Know Terminology- In Neopets, there are a lot of terms you want to know, and that goes for the Trading Post as well. Terms are important to know especially if you are new to the game because you do not want to appear as a newbie and you also do not want to get ripped off. If you are new and do not know the terms people might try to take advantage of you and that is never good. You might see “ETS” which means easy to sell and “HTS” is hard to sell.

Other terms include “Neomail First” which means that you need to email the person you sent an offer to before the offer will be accepted. “Will haggle” is a term used by players if they are willing to negotiate on the price or value of an item they have listed in the Trading Post.

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