Free Neopets Premium Membership 2019 – Get Free NeoCash & Neopoints

Neopets is a free online game where you can create a virtual pet, similar to the Tamagotchi from back in the 1990s, except this is all done through the computer and not a hand held plastic shell.

You get to explore the virtual world with your virtual pet, and the virtual world is called Neopia. When you are playing Neopets, you do not really have an objective you need to complete, but you do want to make sure you are feeding your pet and that you are taking care of your pet when the pet is either sick or hungry. It is interesting that even if you neglect your Neopet and you don’t feed it or keep it healthy, it will not actually die. The only issue is that if your pet gets sick or is neglected, it will end up affecting how much you can do in terms of gameplay. You can get books and toys for your Neopet to play with and interact with it, and your pet can also be customized depending on your own personality. You can change the clothing of the Neopet, use potions to transform your pet, and put accessories on it. There is also a Neohome that you can get and customize as well, so you can put different furniture in there for your pet and also you can put various wallpapers and flooring in the house too.

Not only is your Neopet on a virtual island that is full of adventure, but there are also other creatures that inhabit the area too. You can battle other Neopets or other characters in the Battledome, so there is a lot of excitement in this game and ways to interact with your Neopet and other characters around in the environment. An interesting part of Neopets is that there are a variety of lands in the game that all have different themes, all of which have their own attractions, shops, and games attributed with them. In the game, your Neopet will run off of real-world Pacific Time, and even celebrates holidays that are seen in the real world. There is also a stock market and economy in the game, which is based off of Neopoints. You can get the Neopoints by selling services and goods, all of which of course are in the virtual world. You can also invest your Neopoints or use them to buy items, like goods and services you need or items you need for your pet or home. If you want to connect with other users, then you can do that too either with the chat or the in-game email options. There is a Neomail, which is an in-game email just like regular email services, and you can write messages to other Neopets users, and you also can set who can contact you through this email. There is also Neoboards, which is basically a discussion board used for talking about the game, so there is a lot of ways you can keep in touch with friends or make new friends while playing the game.

Get Free Neocash & Neopoints 2019

In Neopets, the premium currency is Neocash, which you can only use in the NC Mall, although the economy uses Neopints. The Neocash can only be purchased by using real money, and you cannot exchange the Neopoints for the Neocash. In the NC Mall, which stands for Neocash Mall, you can get a lot of items to help customize your gaming experience, including premium wearable items like wigs and dresses.


You also can get trinkets and collectibles for your Neopets and you can get various backgrounds and artwork for your house. You will also be able to buy the exclusive furniture items and also you will get special building materials that you can use for your Neohome. You will notice that there are new items every week available in the NC Mall, so you never know what new items you might find in the NC Mall to use your premium currency on.

Premium Neopets Membership Benefits


If you are a member on Neopets, there are a number of benefits to this, especially if you are someone who likes to play games and enjoys getting good deals on hot items. With a membership you can get a 5th Neopet, which you cannot do unless you are a member. You will also get weekly space faerie scratch cards if you are a member. Not only that but you also will be playing Neopets without advertisements on your page, and get bonus Neopoints monthly for every month you are a member. You will also earn double Neopoints with the premium featured game, and you can boost your searching power by having the Super Shop Wizard with you. All of these items are important on Neopets because it will help you have more fun with the game and it will help give you more Neopoints without having to do as much work, which means you can then buy more goods and services to keep your pet healthy and happy.

How to Get Your Free Game Memberships

If you would like to get your free game membership for Neopet, then the first thing you need to do is sign up for our website. To give you a rundown of how the site works, you sign up and complete offers and surveys from our advertisers. These offers and surveys, which change all of the time so you are not stuck with the same offers all range in points and after your submission has been reviewed for completeness and checked to make sure you used your real information, the points will be transferred into your account. Once you reach a certain level of points, you can cash out to redeem towards a number of membership levels.

Allow me to explain in more detail how the website works and how you will get your free Neopet membership. First, sign up for our website, which will put 50 points in your account just for signing up, and it only takes a minute to fill out the form. You must use your real name, address, birth date, and other real information when you sign up. You will see a lot of surveys and other offers that come from our advertisers, and these tasks will have a certain amount of points assigned to them. Choose the offers and surveys you want to complete, fill them out using your real information, and they will be checked over to make sure you completed the offer before the points are then awarded to you. You cannot use fake information on any of the offers or surveys, and if you do use fake information, you will not be awarded the points. You can do as many or as few offers as you would like, and the points are put into your account. When you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem towards a game membership in the amount of your choosing. There are game memberships from 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and even a 12-month option, as well as everything in between. You can save up your points to get the larger membership options or you can cash out to get the 30-day membership and then start over to purchase even more memberships, as it is completely up to you which way you do it. Some people want to get a free game membership right away to ensure the website is legit, which it is, and then from there save up the points to get the bigger options later.

While using our website, you also have the chance to earn points by referring your friends, and you get 10% commission for every offer they complete. This means that if your friend completes a 100 point survey or other offer, you will get 10 points as a result, and if they do 1,000 point survey then you get 100 points. So this is definitely something where you want to tell your friends and have them sign up under your unique link, because this will be how your commission reward points are calculated. If your friend does not sign up under your link or give your name, then you will not get credit for signing them up and you do not get any points for the surveys they complete.


There are some things that will stop you from getting the credit for the tasks you turned in, and one of the biggest things is if you try to put fake information on the surveys or forms. You want to make sure you are always using your real information on all of the surveys and offers that you complete, which means not using a fake name or address. You also want to make sure you meet all of the requirements of the task, if you forget to do a part of the survey but turn it in anyways, then you will not get credit. There also are situations where you will screen out of a survey because of demographic requirements needed for the surveys and offers. If you screen out of the survey before you complete it based on your demographics, then you will not get the points that were set for that particular survey or offer.

Sometimes you can be screened out after the first page, so make sure you know that you have passed the demographic portion and also completed all tasks to ensure you get paid for your work in 2019. The best part about our website is that you can do as much or as little as you want, and you have the choice to save the points as long as you want since they do not expire. If you would like short-term gratification, then save your points for the1-month membership and redeem as soon as you have the points. If you wait more of a long-term satisfaction, then you can save up all of your points and buy the 12-month membership. It can take you a long time or short time to get the memberships, depending on how much you want to work in terms of filling out the offers and surveys, and since the offers change often, you will never have a time where you have done everything on the site and wait until new offers pop up.

Tips and Tricks for Neopets 2019

When you are playing Neopets, there are a lot of tips, tricks, and strategies to the game that you can use to help you get more Neopoints and also have more fun with the games and your virtual pet. If you want to have more fun with Neopets, then follow some of these tips to help you out.

Utilize the Trading Post- When you are playing Neopets, you want to use the Trading Post, because this is the best place to trade with other players. The Trading Post is really the most official way to trade with other players and there are thousands of players available with items to trade. Once you figure out how it works, it is really easy to use, and you will find a lot of useful items that can really help you out. The first thing to know is that some of the lots say “K” such as the player wants 5k for this item, and that just means thousand, so 5k would be 5,000 Neopoints. If you use your Wish List box, you will be able to tell people what you want for the trade if you have something to trade. You can make your own lot of items by clicking “create a new trade” and then just click on what you want to trade. If you want to see what other people have to trade click “browse lots” and then type in items you are looking for to see which players have that item for trade. The Trading Post is also the most reliable place if you are looking for a specific item and want it immediately, since so many people are playing the game, it’s almost certain at least one player is going to have the item you want at any given moment.

Play on the Stock Market- Since Neopets is like a real virtual world, you want to take advantage of this by playing the stock market. The stock market in the game works a lot like real life, meaning you can win a lot of Neopoints, but you also can end up losing some of your Neopoints too, and it all depends on how your economy does. The best way to play and earn is to buy things on the cheap, such as items for 1NP or 2NP, and then you can sell these items for twice what you paid for them. If you are new to the game, it might be better just to dabble in the stock market to see what is is all about, and the more you play with the stock market, the more you will end up winning by playing. In the beginning, you might want to only get a few things with 1NP and then sell at 2NP, but don’t get carried away with the stock market until you understand the economy in the game more and learn what items are hot items that people will be willing to purchase at the higher price.

Sell Daily Freebies- When you play Neopets, you can get a lot of cool items in the special Daily Freebies giveaways. Sometimes these freebies are really good and you will want to keep them, especially when they are items you have never had before or don’t have the money to purchase. For the freebies that you don’t need or you do not want, you can sell them and make some Neopoints in the process. Some of the freebies are codestones, faeries and other items, and even the not so good freebies are worth a little something. While you probably will not get very much for some of the junkier freebies, some of the more rare items you might get in the freebies could wind up being worth quite a bit. You can put these items in the Trading Post and you never know who out there would love to use the item or would love to have one more of that item for their Neopets.

Play the Games– When you are playing Neopet, it is really important you play a lot of the games, and your pet will also be happy if you play the games. When you play the games, you will earn Neopoints, and you can earn quite a few Neopoints just for 20 or 30 minutes of gaming. Since your economy depends on Neopoints and a majority of items are purchased using Neopoints, you want to have as many Neopoints as possible so you can keep getting items and furniture. The games are really cool and fun, and they are also pretty simple, so it’s not like it will take a lot of brain power to get a lot of Neopoints. The best part is that there is a lot of variety in the games available and you will find at least three games that you will really like to play and it won’t seem like work.

Read Books to Your Pet- When you are playing Neopets, you want to always remember to read as many books to your Neopet as possible. As in real life, reading books will make your pet smarter, and the smarter they are, the happier they are, and all of this helps when you are in Battledome. To read to your pet, just pull down the drop down list and click on “Read to” which will also say the name of your pet, and then your pet will read the book. Your pet can also get a trophy if they are one of the smartest pets, so make sure you read early and often to your pet to keep them in the running for the smartest pet around.

Keep Most Neopoints in the Bank- When you are playing Neopets, you will likely end up collecting a lot of Neopoints just by doing basic activities. While you might want to keep the Neopoints with you, it is best to put most of your Neopoints in the bank by depositing it, and then only keeping a small amount on you at a time. It is best to have no more than 300 Neopoints on you because the Neopoints can be stolen from you during random events and battle, so make sure that you are aware that these points can be stolen and it’s best to avoid that by keeping most of your stash secured in the bank. You also can get free Neopoints from the game itself if you have 5 Neopoints or less on you at once, which is done by random events, so if you want to game the system a bit, store nearly all of your money, leave 5 Neopoints and then have a shot to get free points from the game.