Free MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Codes 2019

Moviestarplanet VIP codes are one of the 3 most popular redemptions on We ended up adding MSP Free VIP memberships a few years ago due to so many users asking for it. When you guys want something you really let us know!

2019 Moviestarplanet VIP Membership Cards

Like we said earlier, this is one of most requested games on our website so we offer a variety of different MSP rewards including the super popular Free VIP Membership codes.

To start earning a MovieStarPlanet free vip code, just sign up for an account.  It’s totally free to sign up for an account here at! Once you signup you can login to the dashboard online or download the desktop version of the software to access all the offers.  Both options have the same offers and point totals so it’s really up to you.
Once your account is set up, you can login to your dashboard to see what offers are available.  There are a few different types of offers like surveys, videos, or even games.  The offers you choose must be valid for the country you are from.  Try starting with surveys or game downloads if this is your first time using the website.  These types of offers are the quickest to complete and award points very quickly.

We offer a large selection of different MSP membership codes here at FGM.  No matter how many rewards points you have, you can surely find one that fits your budget!

  • 1 Week  – Unlocks one week of MSP VIP membership and comes with 20 Diamonds and 3000 Starcoins.
  • 1 Month – Get a whole month of VIP access to MSP, 110 Diamonds, and 15,000 SC.
  • 3 Month  – 3 months of Free VIP membership with 250 Diamonds and 35,000 Starcoins.
  • 1 Year – Get an entire year of VIP access for Moviestarplanet along with 825 Diamonds and 120,000 Starcoins.

We’re also looking into finding a way to offer starcoins on their own. A lot of users already have vip memberships and only want to get more Starcoins so that’s something that we want to offer as well. Let us know if you agree by sending our support team a message in your dashboard.

Take a look at this guide if you have any questions on how to get started earning your Free MSP VIP membership. If you think you’re ready to go just click to get started signing up and start earning those points by completing the offers or downloading and beta testing out some new games!

MSP-Membership is the #1 website in the world for getting Free Moviestarplanet VIP memberships in 2019.  Instead of going to scam blogs or websites that post fake vip codes you can just sign up here and follow the easy to complete offers and be on your way to earning points with no human verification and no surveys. Once you get enough points which doesn’t take very long you can redeem them for anything available on our website.  If you’re reading this guide then you’re probably wanting to redeem it for a MSP VIP code. If not though we also have memberships available for other games too!  So be sure to look through our offers to start earning your next free game membership or premium currency.

MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Benefits:

– Access to special MSP VIP items in the shop.  Stuff that you can’t get without a membership!

– Ability to spin the Fame wheel 4 times per day!

– A Daily Diamond Login Bonus (2 Diamonds) & Starcoin Login Bonus (40 StarCoins)

– 9 times as many friends as regular users

– More autographs – up to 30 per day which is awesome!

– A Fame Bonus as soon as you redeem your code

– Free Diamonds, Starcoins, and Exclusive Items (see the full list of available memberships to find out how many of each)
You can earn a free VIP Moviestarplanet membership in no time if you start now!  We make it easy to earn free game membership codes here.  Save up your points and you can get a 1 month, 3 month, or even 1 year MSP VIP membership for 2019!  So what are you waiting for? Be sure to create your account and start earning points today!

About MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet is a fun virtual world where you can create your very own movie star.  The game is one of the most popular online games due to the fact that it’s available in more languages and countries than any other game, including Disney’s Club Penguin which is quite a feat! Want to hear a crazy fact? MovieStarPlanet is played by over 250 Million people! Most people play the game on the official MSP website but it’s still been installed nearly 50 million times via the google play store! Seriously how many games are so popular out there that they have their own Instagram account?

In the game you are able to create your own avatar or character which you can customize exactly how you want to look. Once you’ve got your “look” on point you’re able to start working towards becoming rich and famous in the virtual world.  The game revolves around making friends, becoming famous, making money, and buying anything and everything your heart desires.

You can also watch youtube videos and raise some of the cutest pets known as Boonies in the game.  Be sure to take good care of them because you’re the only one who can!

MSP VIP Codes For Free
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MovieStarPlanet gets a five star rating from our users. It's one of the most popular rewards on our website and considered a great value by those who rated!

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