MovieStarPlanet Tips To Earn Fame

MovieStarPlanet is a browser-based online virtual world for children and teenagers. In MovieStarPlanet, you can use your movie-star avatar to play games, make movies, enter into contests, chat with friends, and so much more! You can play MovieStarPlanet on either a free membership or a paid membership. If you decide to get the paid membership you will have access to exclusive benefits such as more Fame, more autographs, more ways to earn virtual currency known as StarCoins, and access to exclusive items and clothing. The best part is that the VIP membership is not even that expensive, even for the year membership, so it is really worth getting for the added benefits alone.


Regardless of whether or not you choose to play MovieStarPlanet on a free membership or paid membership, you might be interested in earning more Fame. Fame is very important in MovieStarPlanet because it is how you level-up in the game. The more Fame you get, the higher level you are, and the more access you have to the higher-level items and games. While Fame isn’t everything in MovieStarPlanet, it certainly is one of the more crucial aspects of the game. That is why we have decided to tell you some of the best ways that you can earn more Fame. If you follow our tops, you will be earning more Fame in no time, which means you will be able to level-up in MovieStarPlanet even quicker.

MovieStarPlanet Tips for Earning More Fame

Play More Games– One of the easiest ways you can earn more Fame in MovieStarPlanet is to play all of the games. There might be some games you are better at than others, so play those if you want to earn more Fame even quicker. Even the games though that take a little longer often will pay out better than the fast games, so make sure you play all of the games so you know how much Fame each one will pay you. The more games you play in MovieStarPlanet, the quicker you will build up your Fame. You can really earn a lot of the Fame Points by just playing simple games, and some of them really are fun too! The games also change every once in a while, so you will not be playing the same games for months or years at a time, which is really cool. If you have a VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet then you will earn even more Fame during the games than with the free membership.

Make a lot of Short Movies– Movies are a big part of MovieStarPlanet, hence the name of the game, so you want to make a lot of movies if you want to earn more Fame. You do not have to make really long movies though in order to get a lot of Fame. If you make a ton of short movies and then share them with friends or players on the game, you will earn Fame Points for every view. Even the person watching the video earns something in the form of StarCoins, so it is a mutually-beneficial thing on MovieStarPlanet. If you do not have many friends in the game, then make friends by hanging out and playing games with others. You also can just ask people to watch your short movies in the game, and the shorter your movies are the more likely people are to take a couple minutes to watch them. You do want to make sure you are still making good quality movies though, so you do not want to put out a bunch of sub-par videos. If your videos are not that good in terms of quality, then people will not watch them and you will not earn the Fame from them, so always do a good job on the videos.

Make Various Outfits– One cool part about MovieStarPlanet is that you can make your own style and wardrobe using various outfits and clothing combinations. If you make a cool look, you can share the look with others and earn Fame this way as well. If players rate your looks and outfits and then use them, you will be able to earn Fame. The more looks and outfits you come up with, the more people will begin turning to you for fashion advice. If you get really good with the trends and coming up with new styles, it will take you no time to earn a bunch of Fame since people will want to rate and wear your outfit combinations. This is also a good way to make new friends, which then in turn helps you out because the more people you are friends with, the more people you will have following you and watching your movies or wearing your clothing. If you are shy and very creative this might be the best way to not only make friends on MovieStarPlanet, but also gain Fame and autographs as well. This is also a good way to show your uniqueness in movies so you can try out a lot of looks in the movies, then put it out there for other people to rate for Fame.

Ask for Autographs– You can also ask players for autographs in MovieStarPlanet, which gives you quite a bit of Fame for little work. If you ask players who are higher-level, then you will earn more Fame than if you ask the players that are lower in level. This is where it is good to have the VIP membership, since the VIP members can give out autographs every 15 minutes. If you are playing on a free membership you cannot give out autographs that much, so people tend to hoard them who are only using the free membership. If you know a lot of players who have VIP memberships, then ask all of them that you can since they will be more willing to give you an autograph. You also can give out your autograph to those players so that it could be a mutually-beneficial situation here just like with the movies. The more people who you get autographs from and the more people who you give autographs to, the easier and quicker it will be to level up.

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