MovieStarPlanet Secrets & Tips

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual game for children where they can create a movie star avatar and then make their own movies with various characters. In MovieStarPlanet, the goal is to make a bunch of good movies and get players from all over the world to watch them. The more movies you make, the more fame you will get, and the more popular you become as a virtual movie star. You can play MovieStarPlanet on a free membership or get the VIP membership for even more benefits and exclusive items.

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If you are new to MovieStarPlanet you might be wondering how to earn fame and wonder about the best ways to level up quickly in the game. It does not matter if you are on a free membership or paid membership to MovieStarPlanet, these tips, secrets, and tricks will help you get through the game quicker, while at the same time get you more fame and in-game currency.

MovieStarPlanet Secrets, Tips & Tricks

Speeding Up the Game- MovieStarPlanet runs on Adobe Flash player and sometimes other programs or even in-game items can be causing a lag. If your game is lagging the first thing you should do is shut down all of the programs in the background that might be causing some lag. This includes other games running, Word, and unused but open browsers like Firefox.You also want to turn off your Friend List, which means going into hide mode. Simply click on the MSP logo on the left side of the screen. This can help stop lag because you are not being bombarded with messages when you are trying to play the game.

If you want to speed up the game you also want to try if you can, to be on a wired internet connection. Wireless connections often times can lag when playing games, so if you can, run a wired cord to your computer to fix the lag. You can also try different browsers, as sometimes browers can act differently depending on your computer and the game. Lastly, you also want to stop using a moving animation on your status or avatar. Moving animations on your avatar or animations really slow down your game.

Getting More Fame

If you would like to get more fame simply get autographs from other movie stars. You can typically trade autographs with players in order to get them, such as saying you will give your autograph if they give theirs. You want movie stars to also love your artbooks, status, looks and room which are all ways you can add fame. Since fame is how you level up in the game, you want to do everything you can to get more of it quickly.

You need to get movie stars to also watch your movies, and the higher rated your movie is the more fame you get. This is also a good time to say you will watch their movie if they watch yours, just like with the autographs. You will find that more people are willing to watch your movies and rate them if they know you will be watching theirs and doing the same thing. You also can spin the wheel of fame, which does cost diamonds. If you have a paid membership to MovieStarPlanet then you will get free diamonds every week and this is a great way to spend those extra diamonds.

Tricks for Earning StarCoins

One of the best ways to earn more StarCoins is to become a VIP member of MovieStarPlanet. You will get more StarCoins just for doing everyday things in the game, and you get to spin the VIP StarCoin wheel everyday. If you do not want to get a paid membership to MovieStarPlanet then you can watch movies from other players, but go for the short ones since they do not take much time to watch. You can get movie stars to buy your looks and earn StarCoins. You also can play the various games in MovieStarPlanet to earn StarCoins, such as Crazy Cards and Dress Up. There are a lot of games in MovieStarPlanet you can play for StarCoins so go through them and find a game that you like that does not take you long to do, and you will quickly be on your way to earning a lot more StarCoins.

Getting Gifts

Besides getting gifts from your friends you can also get and give gifts to yourself. You can make as many accounts as you want in the game so this is not breaking the rules. You will need to first write down all the items you want and put them in a wishlist on your account. Once you added items you want, simply log off your account and then make a new account. You will need to get your new account to level 6 in order to send gifts, so you will need to make quite a few movies on this new account in order to do this. Remember, watch a lot of movies too in order to get fame and level up quickly. Once you get to level 6, give all of the gifts you want to yourself through this new account and there you go, a quick way to give yourself gifts.

If this sounds like too much work for you then you can always just make a ton of new friends in the game through the chatroom and other places. The more friends you have the more gifts you will get from them in the game. Since you have to be level 6 in order to give gifts, try to find new friends who are at level 6 or above. You can never have too many friends in the game and the more high level friends you have the better gifts you will get in MovieStarPlanet.

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