MovieStarPlanet Rules Children Should Follow

MovieStarPlanet is such a fun game that children of all ages like to play. In MovieStarPlanet, you can create a movie star avatar and make your own movies, play games, chat with other players, and do so much more! You can play MovieStarPlanet on a free membership or you can get the paid membership for more exclusive offers, features, and items from the shop. Regardless of what type of membership you have, there are certain rules you need to follow to ensure your safety and to also ensure your account remains in good status.


We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the rules you need to follow in MovieStarPlanet, since knowing these rules can help you have a better time in the game. These rules are there to ensure that you are safe and that you are being a valuable member to the website. People who do not follow these rules are likely be banned from the game all together, and this means you will never be allowed to play the game again through your IP address. Here are the top rules that children should follow while playing MovieStarPlanet, and parents need to make sure their children are following these rules at all times regardless of whether they have a free membership or VIP membership to the game.

Top MovieStarPlanet Rules Children Need to Follow

Never Engage in Sexual or Racist Conversations- It is important that you never engage in conversations that could be sexual in nature or racist in nature. Sexual or racist chats or comments are not tolerated at all in MovieStarPlanet, regardless of if you have a VIP membership or free membership to the game. This is primarily because MovieStarPlanet is a game for children, so there could be very young children playing the game, and those types of comments and conversations are not allowed. If you are found to be engaging in sexual or racist conversations with another player, you probably will be banned from the game, or at the very least suspended for a long time.

Never Talk About Sexual Preferences- Keeping with the theme, it is also a good idea to avoid conversations or comments about sexuality. This could be anything talking about you being gay, straight, bisexual or any other form of sexual preference you might have. You do not want to talk about your sexual preferences because this is a game for children and what you do in your free personal time is your business and your business only. It is also a good idea to never make a username referring to your sexuality either, such as “bigirl24” or anything that might suggest or be suggestive in reference to your sexuality. If you do make a username like this, it will likely not get through moderation and it will be changed for you or you will get a notice saying you need to immediately change your username.

Never Share Passwords or Payment Information- If you have a VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet, never give out your payment information to anyone in the game. This is very important because people out there could try to scam you and take your payment information and use it on their accounts. There is a lot of theft when it comes to credit cards online, so never give out payment information because it likely is someone trying to steal your information. If you get a request and they say they are from the staff, email the staff to ask about this and contact support immediately if you think you got a phishing request through chat or email.

You do not want to give out your passwords for this very reason as well, because it could harm your account. Someone could get on your account and say nasty things, in which case your username could be banned from the game and you might have not had anything to do with it in reality. Giving out your password could harm your account in many ways because someone could put a virus or keylogger into your game, which could harm MovieStarPlanet in general, and also cause you to become banned.

Never Offer Information in Exchange for Memberships- If you get a message on MovieStarPlanet asking you for personal information or details about your account in exchange for a free membership, just do not do it. Forward that message to the staff at MovieStarPlanet because this is likely a scammer trying to get information from you and will not really give you a free membership in exchange. Do not give out information in exchange for anything such as free items or prizes either, as this is also a scam and someone just trying to gain account details from you. MovieStarPlanet is the only true source for free memberships so if someone says they have one for you, ignore them, block them and report them to the staff so they can handle it.

Never Cheat– In MovieStarPlanet, you might be tempted to cheat in order to gain more StarCoins, but cheating is not tolerated at all. If you cheat in MovieStarPlanet, you will be permanently banned from the game, which means your IP address will no longer be allowed on MovieStarPlanet. You never want to even talk about cheats in MovieStarPlanet, whether it be in a private chat with another player or on the main forums. Even talking about cheats can get you into big trouble, even if you get away with it for a little while, eventually the ban hammer will come down on you for it.

Never Impersonate Staff– All moderators and staff in MovieStarPlanet will have a moderator badge on their account and on their avatar. If you try to impersonate staff then this is a bannable offense and can get you permanently banned, even on the first offense. Always look for the moderator badge if you need to get a hold of a moderator or staff member, and never try to impersonate them by photoshopping a badge on your account because you will be caught quickly. It is important that if you need to talk to staff for a personal reason or account reason, only talk to those with the badge on their accounts because there are people who impersonate staff and who might get away with it for a little while before being caught.

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