MovieStarPlanet Player User Guide & Objectives

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world for children in which you create movies by using avatars. You can play MovieStarPlanet with a free membership, but you do not get all of the perks of the game unless you have the free VIP membership. In MovieStarPlanet there are a number of things you can do such as go into chat rooms, make friends, make movies, get famous, and also play games.


In MovieStarPlanet, you will find that there is just so much to do that you will find new and exciting things everytime you login. This is a game that is primarily for children over the age of 8, but really anyone can play. If you have never heard of this game before then keep reading to learn about the objectives and main aspects of the game.

MovieStarPlanet User Guide

The Basic Goals- In MovieStarPlanet the goal is to earn StarCoins and Fame, which increase your popularity in the game. StarCoins are the virtual currency in the game and you earn these by doing various things in MovieStarPlanet. Some of the things that earn you Fame and StarCoins are making movies, playing games in the chat, and also when people give you autographs. You can earn more StarCoins and Fame by having the paid membership, but you still can earn quite a few with the free membership as well.

You can use the StarCoins to purchase various items in the game such as music, movie props, clothing, animations, backgrounds, and costumes for your virtual avatar. When you start out on MovieStarPlanet you will be at level 0, but you quickly will progress in the game by earning the Fame. Each time you level up in MovieStarPlanet, you will earn special perks like new animations for your movies and new rooms you can go to chat. The biggest thing you want to do is make good movies so that you get a lot of views, since this is how you will become famous and increase in levels quick.

How to Start– If you want to play MovieStarPlanet, the first thing you need to do is create a new account by clicking “New User” on the main page. You will then be able to create a username and password and this is how you will login to the game. At this time you can either choose the free membership or you can go ahead and get the VIP membership. If you do not want to get the VIP membership just yet, you can always do that later on if you want the membership benefits.

Creating a Movie– If you want to create a movie, simply hit “New Movie” which is in the Creative area of the game. You need to select 6 or less “stars” you want to use in your movie, and they can be all your movie stars or your friends. You also can choose extras as well. You can then put new clothes on each of your movie stars. You will then see the Movie Studio and you will be able to choose the animations, direct the scenes and also enter speech at this point. There is a timeline bar at the bottom and this will show you the progress of time for each scene. This is where you will direct your movie stars and put them in various scenes at various times.

Publishing– Once you have completed the movie, you can publish it by hitting “Send to Friends” and once you do this nothing in the movie can be changed. You will not earn Fame or StarCoins until you publish your movie as no one will be able to watch it until it is published. You want to look over your movie at least twice before you publish, which can help ensure your movie is exactly how you want it before you hit the button since it is final once you do.

Finding Friends– If you want to find friends or make new ones, click on the “Friends” area and you can search by username. If the person is active on the site then what that person is doing pops up in your “Friends’ Activities” section. If you have a free membership on MovieStarPlanet you can only have so many friends on your list, but if you get the paid membership then you can add and have even more friends.

Guestbook– You will have a guestbook on your page, which is where friends and other players can write messages to you.

Games and Chat- There are many chat rooms and game rooms in MovieStarPlanet, which are the places where you will earn Fame and StarCoins. The higher level you are in MovieStarPlanet, the more chat rooms and game rooms open up to you. There are also exclusive rooms available for members only, so some are restricted unless you have the VIP membership.

Shopping– There are many shops in the “Shopping” area of the game, which is where you go if you want new items for your room or movies. You also can purchase new clothing items in the shops as well. There is an Animation Shop that you can go into and get new animations for your movies. You can also purchase lessons to learn new moves for your movie stars, then use these new moves in your movies.

“What are you Doing” Section– There is also a “What are you doing” section on the left side of the screen which is where you can write like a wall post or message. If you hit send all of your friends will see this and you can also just use facial expressions to illustrate your feelings. This is where you can just post what is going on or what you want to say. It might be something simple like “it’s so hot outside” or it can be pertaining to the game, either way it is up to you what you say here since it is all about what is on your mind.

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