MovieStarPlanet Payment Information & FAQ

MovieStarPlanet is such a fun virtual world for children where they can create virtual avatars, make movies, play games, chat, and much more. Whether you have a free membership or a VIP membership you will be able to make your own movies and star in them as well as participate in many other activities. Of course, if you have the VIP membership you will be able to do more in MovieStarPlanet, including having more access to chat rooms, games and more items you can use in your movies.


A lot of people have questions regarding payment in MovieStarPlanet and there are many questions people have about the gift certificates you can purchase for the game. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about payment in MovieStarPlanet and how you can redeem and use gift certificates.

MovieStarPlanet Payment Guide & FAQ

Gift Certificates- There are four gift certificates you can get for MovieStarPlanet, including 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, and 1-year. It is important to know you can only redeem the gift certificate one time and you cannot exchange the gift certificate for real money. Once you redeem the membership, you will get the paid membership only for that length of time, such as for 1-week or 3-months.

If you want to redeem your gift certificate simply login and then click “Settings” and you will see the “Redeem Gift Certificate” button. Click on this and then type in your gift certificate code and then press “OK” and the membership will be redeemed. You will get the VIP membership benefits immediately after you redeem your gift certificate. You can either buy the gift certificates through the website or you will be able to purchase them in various stores, although store selection can be limited so it is always better to purchase them online.

Making Payments- You need to have parental permission before you make any purchases on MovieStarPlanet if you are under the age of 18. If there is any unauthorized payments on your MovieStarPlanet account, the user account is permanently deleted if there is a disputed transaction. This means make sure you have permission from parents before you use any payment method on MovieStarPlanet. You will lose everything if your account is deleted, including all chats and StarCoins, and this is if you decide to delete your own MovieStarPlanet account. There is no way to save anything from your account if it is deleted either by you or the staff on MovieStarPlanet. You also cannot transfer StarCoins to another player or user.

No Refunds– Once you make a purchase on MovieStarPlanet it is final and there are no refunds. This includes StarCoins, VIP memberships and items from the store. There are a few exceptions to this but you need to contact MovieStarPlanet if you think you might fall into the exceptions category, such as if your financial information was hacked or stolen. If you purchase something on MovieStarPlanet though, there is no way to undo the purchase which means you cannot buy something and then say you do not want it anymore. The only refunds given are those to people on their cards if their information was hacked so it has nothing to do with the items in the game that were purchased.

Upgrading Membership- If you have a VIP membership but want to upgrade on MovieStarPlanet, simply just pay the difference between the two. This is all automatically figured out based on how many days you have remaining on your membership and which new membership you decide to get.

Recurring Payments- Even if you have recurring payments on you can still upgrade, but you must pay the difference between the two packages. Once your next VIP membership payment is due, you will be charged on the new membership package you selected. If you do not upgrade membership packages, you will just be charged on the membership you have if you have recurring payments turned on.

Old Gift Certificates- There were old MovieStarPlanet gift certificates that still might be out there and yes you can use them! The old gift certificates were just Normal VIP membership and not the Elite VIP or Super VIP, which means you just get the basic membership package that comes with the Normal VIP.

Gift Certificates & Charges– If you already are signed up for a VIP membership on MovieStarPlanet but you get a gift certificate, no worries as you will not be charged on your credit card once you redeem your gift certificate. The membership you previously had will pause and the gift certificate membership will then take over for the duration of the gift certificate. Once that gift certificate runs out, then you will go back to your normal membership and then be charged accordingly afterward. This means that you can use the gift certificate and it will pause the previous membership and payment, which is cool if you get a gift certificate as a gift at some point.

Daily Spins- You will get Daily Spins on the StarCoin wheel, but how many depends on which VIP membership you choose to get and you get the Daily Spins for as long as you have that membership. When you login to MovieStarPlanet you will see how many spins you have left for the day, and you will see this under the StarCoin wheel. Obviously the Elite VIP membership gets the most Daily Spins and more chances to earn StarCoins.

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