MovieStarPlanet News: Latest Movie Competition Winners

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world designed for children. In MovieStarPlanet, you can play games, chat with friends, earn fame, make movies, and dress up or create movie star avatars. You use your movie star avatar for everything in the game, and you have so much leeway when it comes to outfits and accessories that you can dress up your movie star in. This game is very fun because you earn fame and can sign autographs, which are all how you become famous in the game. This game is designed for elementary-aged children but children up through their teenage years can play in this online virtual world and still have just as much fun.

You can either choose to play MovieStarPlanet on a free membership, or you can get the VIP membership. Of course, if you have the paid membership, you will have more access to clothing and accessories, as well as more ways to earn fame and you will have the ability to give more autographs. Another cool thing about the paid membership in MovieStarPlanet is that you will be able to earn free in-game currency, which is known as StarCoins and the premium currency which is the Diamonds.


Regardless of whether you play MovieStarPlanet on a free membership or a paid membership, you have the ability to get in the movie competitions. These movie competitions happen every week in the game, and three winners each week are selected to earn cool prizes. How it works is by you going on MovieStarPlanet and making a movie, based on the theme for that movie competition, and then submitting your movie. Three people are chosen for each movie competition theme to be the winners. There is first place, second place, and third place, and each place gets a specific amount of rewards for winning. You can VIP days, gold coins, and diamonds if you are a winner, but how many of each you win is determined by your place in the top three.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the latest MovieStarPlanet movie competition, which you have another day to submit your entry for. There are also some new movie competitions winners that we would like to announce as well from a couple movie competitions in the past couple weeks. Without waiting too much longer, here are the new winners of the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions and the newest movie competition to hit the game.

Latest MovieStarPlanet Movie Competition Winners


Pink Bubbles Movie Competition- This movie competition will go on through Thursday evening. You can submit your movie for another 24 hours before the submissions will be closed. For this movie competition, you need to use three sentences in order to have a chance to win one of the three spots. The three sentences are “What a year” along with “New Year” and “Fabulous Party Shoes.” Even if you do not think you will win the movie competition, submit your movie because you never know until you try. Remember to use backgrounds, accessories, clothing, and props that go with the Pink Bubbles theme to have the best chance at winning. We will announce the winners of this movie competition in the coming weeks.

Merry Xmas Movie Competition- The winners have been announced for the Merry Xmas movie competition. For this movie competition, you need to use three sentences in order to have a chance to win. The three sentences were “I feel jolly” as well as “Family Time” and “Merry Xmas Everyone.” You also had to use a background, accessories, clothing items, and props that went along with the Merry Xmas theme.

The first place winner of this movie competition was #BetterThanYou10 with “Santa’s Daughter.” The second place winner was “Santa’s Got Amnesia (Competition Movie) from Jordan1142001. In third place was “Christmas in Summer” by allycee. We want to say congratulations to all three winners of the Merry Xmas movie competition.

We are always amazed at the high quality of the movies for the movie competitions, and know that choosing a winner among all of the movies is always tough. First place will get 14 Days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place will win 7 days VIP, 2,000 gold coins, and 7 Diamonds. Third place will win 3 days VIP, 1,000 gold coins, and 3Diamonds.


Dark Xmas Movie Competition- For this movie competition you again needed to use three sentences in a unique and interesting way to have a chance to win one of the three spots. The three sentences were “Darkness of my wishlist” as well as “I tried to be good” and “It’s just what I never wanted.”

As far as the winners go, in first place was “The Christmas Mischief!” by EqualStarlightGlimmer. Second place was “Their Mistake” by StrawberriWasted. In third place was “People Who Take Christmas Way to Seriously” by Steelers@. We want to say congratulations to all the winners for the Dark Xmas Movie competition. Once again, there were thousands of submissions so we know it was hard to just choose three people to win this movie competition.

The first place winner will get the same as the other movie competition, which is 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place will get 7 days VIP, 2,000 gold coins, and 7 Diamonds. Third place will get 1,000 gold coins, 3 days VIP, and 3 Diamonds.

Again, we want to say congratulations to all of the MovieStarPlanet movie competition winners. We know that it can be tough submitting a movie for the first time and wondering if you will win, but you never know until you actually do it. The best part about the movie competitions is that it does not matter if you have the free membership or the VIP membership, as long as you submit a movie that follows the theme for the week and use the sentences in unique ways; you have a shot to win. As with all movie competitions, you can submit to another theme even if you have won for a previous theme, so being a winner before does not disqualify you from submitting a movie again. If you are not sure about submitting a movie or if you will win, we want to tell you that it is well worth submitting the movie because the perks of the VIP membership, even if it is temporary as a prize, will keep you happy and make you want to buy the VIP membership outright.

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