MovieStarPlanet Latest Movie Competition Winners & Star VIP Deal

MovieStarPlanet is a really fun online virtual world for children and young teenagers. In MovieStarPlanet, you can act like a celebrity through your movie star avatar. You can play games, chat with friends, make movies, get Fame, get autographs and so much more. You can play MovieStarPlanet using either a free membership or a paid membership. Of course if you get the paid membership you get more perks such as more fame and autographs. You will also have more chances to get free in-game currency known as StarCoins.

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One of the best parts about MovieStarPlanet is the fact that you can make movies. Every week there is also a movie competition, unrelated to just making movies for fun, that you can enter into. If you win the movie competition, you get prizes depending on which place you get in the MovieStarPlanet movie competition. The latest movie competition was just announced on MovieStarPlanet so we thought we would tell you about the open movie competition, as well as the newest winners revealed from the previous couple of movie competitions. If you are wondering who has won the previous couple weeks, maybe including yourself, read on to learn more about the winners. Make sure you congratulate them as well, if you know them in MovieStarPlanet or see them around in the game.

The true best part about the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions is that whether you have a free membership or paid membership you can submit your movie for a chance to win. If you have won before, you will still be eligible to win another movie competition which is always cool. If you do not win this time, don’t worry because there is a new competition every week that you can enter for your chance to win. Besides the movie competitions, we wanted to tell you a little bit later about a Star VIP membership deal that is currently going on in the game.

MovieStarPlanet Movie Competition Winners & Latest Star VIP Deal

Neon Festival Competition- The newest movie competition is called Neon Festival. For this movie competition you will need to use props, backgrounds, clothing and items that go with this theme. You can always use other types of items and props as well, but make sure a majority of your movie items go with this theme. If you would like to enter this competition then you also need to use three sentences in order to have a chance at winning. The three sentences are “let’s party” along with “bring on the soap bubbles” and “neon lights are cool.” You have to use these three sentences in unique ways in order to be considered for one of the three winners spots. If you win first place you get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place will get you 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. If you end up getting third place you will get 3 days VIP, 3 Diamonds, and also 1,000 gold coins. Enter now because this movie competition will only be around for a couple days before it is closed and the winners will be chosen. There are always a lot of players on MovieStarPlanet who submit movies for these competitions, so make sure you stand out and make yours as unique and cool as you can.

Sweet Dolls Competition- While the winners are still being chosen right now, we thought we would tell you this was the previous movie competition on MovieStarPlanet. The competition is now closed so we should have winners announced within the next week. Check back next week to hear who the winners were for the Sweet Dolls movie competition. For this movie you needed to use three sentences, as well as props and items that went with the Sweet Dolls theme. The three sentences you needed to use included “dress up like a doll” as well as “do a fun pose” and “let’s have some tea.”

Rares! Fall ’16- The Rares! Fall ’16 winners have been selected. For this you needed to use backgrounds, clothing, and props that went with the Rares! Fall ’16 theme. You also needed to use three sentences in order to have a chance of winning one of the three places. The sentences included “rare in cool” and “I bought them all” as well as “rare week is here.” The first place winner was Tina Marrie with the movie “Rares- To the Future!” We want to send a huge congratulations to Tina Marrie for her movie, which earned her first place in a movie competition with thousands of submissions. In second place we have PorcelainDoll01 with the movie “Starting MSP be like…” and we wanted to say congratulations to PorcelainDoll01. In last place we have brofistblue with the movie “Rares.” We want to say congratulations to brofistblue for this movie which earned third place. First place will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place gets 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. Third place will get 1,000 gold coins, 3 days VIP, and 3 Diamonds. We want to say congratulations to all of these winners. There are always so many movie submissions we know that it is hard to pick just three people, because all of the movies are amazing!

Star VIP Deal- There is a deal right now on the Star VIP membership on MovieStarPlanet. This is the best paid membership you can get in MovieStarPlanet. You can get the Star VIP membership for 1 week for $6, which comes with 20 Diamonds and 3,000 gold coins. You can get the 1-month membership for $12.99 and you get 110 Diamonds and 15,000 gold coins with this offer. For the 3-month Star VIP membership, you get 35,000 gold coins and 250 Diamonds all for $32. Lastly, you can get the 12-month Star VIP membership for $70, which might seem like a lot but it is actually not very much for a paid membership to a super-popular online game. The 12-month Star VIP membership is the best deal because you get 825 Diamonds and 120,000 gold coins! These deals won’t last long, so if you want the biggest and best paid membership on MovieStarPlanet, go grab the Star VIP membership immediately.

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