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MovieStarPlanet is a cool virtual world for children and teenagers where you can get online and play games, chat with friends, create movies, and do much more! People of all ages like playing MovieStarPlanet because it is very fun and it lets you be creative and make movies, along with giving you specific themes you can choose to make your movies around. You can play MovieStarPlanet using either a free membership or you can purchase the VIP membership for more perks and benefits.

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There are many things you can do on MovieStarPlanet including make movies, enter movie competitions, make friends, chat and hang with friends, create cool fashion trends, and even have an online boyfriend or girlfriend if that is your thing. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the parts of the game, which is why we are coming out with this MovieStarPlanet how-to guide.

MovieStarPlanet How-To Guides

How To Kiss on MSP – As we just mentioned, you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend in the game. You will be able to kiss them if you purchase the “kiss” icon which is in the animation gift shop. If you would like this to look like a real kiss then you both need to get the kissing action animation. Remember though that this is a game, so if you do find a boyfriend or girlfriend on the game, it is not real life and just for fun. You can also use the kissing animations with your friends, as a way to say love you or thank you. If someone tells you not to send them a kiss animation anymore then do not because if you do continue they could report you and you could get into trouble.

How To Change Your Password- If you would like to change your password on MovieStarPlanet simply click on “My Profile” then click where it says “Change Password.” This will be on the top right of the screen. From there enter your email and old password, then you can enter a new password. You can change your password as many times as you need to or would like, just remember to write it down so you do not forget and put the paper in a safe location away from other people. Never share your password with anyone either!

How To Change Your Username- Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or VIP membership, you are likely not allowed to change your username. The only time you would be allowed to change your username is if there is a name in the username, such as your real name. Unless it is your real name, they will not allow you to change your name, and instead would tell you to make another account.

How To Become a Judge- You can become a judge on MovieStarPlanet but there are a couple things you need to do first. In order to become a judge on the site you need to have a VIP membership of 12 months. You will only end up as a jury member if you get a VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet for less than 12 months, so you need the year membership in order to become a judge. Being a jury member is not bad though as you can still vote, you just will not have the final say like a judge will on MovieStarPlanet .

How To Become Famous- A lot of people want to know how to become famous on MovieStarPlanet. It is actually pretty easy. You first will need to play games, which will earn you Fame. Each time you win a game you will earn these Fame points. You also will need to make movies with your friends, and then send them out so people can watch them. The more views you get on your movies, the quicker you will become famous and level-up quick in MovieStarPlanet. Enter movie competitions and get people to watch them. The more people who see your movies through the movie competition, the more experience points you earn and more views you get, thus making you more famous.

How To Redeem Codes- On MovieStarPlanet you can get codes that you can redeem, and it is really easy to do if you want to redeem for the VIP membership. Simply click on the “Become VIP” button and then you will see the “Redeem Code” area. Click this and then a pop-up box happens and this is where you enter the code you want to redeem. Once you entered the code, click it to successfully redeem your VIP membership code.

How To Delete Your Account– Sometimes you might wonder how to delete your MovieStarPlanet account. This is easily done and it is forever so make sure you want to really delete your account before you proceed with the simple steps. All you need to do is click on the question mark at the top right area and click on “My User.” From there you will notice a “Delete User” option at the bottom, just click on this and boom your account is deleted for good. You can decide just to take a break from the game if this is too long-term for you and final. Simply login every now and again to keep your account active, but you do not need to delete your account if you think you will be getting back onto MovieStarPlanet in the future.

How To Report Players- If you think someone is breaking the rules on MovieStarPlanet do not hesitate to report them regardless of whether they have a VIP membership or free membership. To report them just click on their username and then that will bring up their profile. From there click on the exclamation mark and click on “Report” and then describe why you are reporting them. The staff will look at each and every report and see if there is justification for banning or suspending a player, depending on what they did. You will not get into trouble if you report someone and it turns out they were not breaking the rules, so if in doubt you should report them and let the staff make the decision on whether or not the person was in the right or wrong.

How To Make Movies – On MovieStarPlanet you can make movies as many times as you want, and the process is pretty simple. Head over to Movie Town and then click “New Movie” and from there decide which movie stars you want to be in your movie. You can choose as many movies stars you have as you want and you also can choose stars that your friends have as well. They all do not have to be your own which is pretty cool. Find outfits for each of the movie stars and then get a background for each scene in your movie. You will need to figure out what you want each person to say and then edit those scenes and then create your movie. Once you have finished editing your movie, click “Publish” to create your movie and then share it with friends.

Tips for Getting StarCoins- If you want to earn StarCoins, which is the in-game currency for MovieStarPlanet, it is pretty easy to do as well. Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or VIP membership, you will find many ways to earn StarCoins easily in MovieStarPlanet. There are many games you can play such as Dress Up and Crazy Cards. You can watch movies from other players as well, and you earn StarCoins for each movie you watch.

Watch the shorter movies in order to get more StarCoins for your time. Create your own “look” and have other players in MovieStarPlanet buy your look. Get the VIP membership since that gives you more chances to earn StarCoins. You can make movies and share them since you get paid for each time someone watches your movie. You also can spin the Daily Coin Wheel and get StarCoins that way too. Other things you can do include loving people’s pets and making other accounts to up your own movies and items.

How To Get Pets For Free- If you want to get a “free” pet on MovieStarPlanet the easiest way is to purchase the VIP membership. The VIP membership gives you a lot of points, and it makes it so easy to get a pet that it is virtually free. While this is not technically free for you, the cost of the VIP membership easily outweighs the cost of trying to buy pets in MovieStarPlanet over and over.

How To Join a Club- You can join clubs on MovieStarPlanet by heading over to Movie Town and clicking on “Clubs.” There are many clubs you can join and you will see the list once you click that. You can sort them or find a club by type or what you are interested in. After you find a club you want to join simply click the title and then click on “Click to become a member” and there you go. There are so many clubs to join in MovieStarPlanet that you are sure to find a club that fits your personality and your interests, and if not, then you can start your own club and get people to join yours. If you do not find a club that interests you right now, don’t worry there are new clubs popping up in MovieStarPlanet all the time!

How To Walk your Pet- You can walk your pet in MovieStarPlanet as well, and if you want to do this then click on the dog icon on the left side of the screen. From there you can choose which pet you want to walk and then hit the “Save” button and this pet will then begin walking with you and following you.

How To Write Fancy- You can even write fancy in MovieStarPlanet, which is really cool because this is what famous people do all of the time and how they sign autographs. To do this click on the speech bubble and then click the circle that has four colors on it. You can look at all of the writing options once that pops up and then you can choose which fancy writing you want. You can change this as often as you would like and can get creative with the writing options in the game. It is important to note though you need to be a VIP member of MovieStarPlanet in order to get these fancy writing options in MovieStarPlanet.

How To Level Up Quickly on MSP – If you want to level up quick on MovieStarPlanet there are a few things you can do. First you can make a lot of movies with the characters of your friends in them. If you put your friends in your movies, more people will see them and this will increase your viewership. You will also have the chance of getting more ratings and better ratings by putting friends in your movies. You also can win awards through various contests and games, including the movie competitions. The more awards you win the quicker it is to level up in MovieStarPlanet. Trade views for autographs, as this is a good way to make friends while at the same time getting views on your movies and autographs and leveling up quicker in the game.

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