MovieStarPlanet Guide: Tips on Making Great Movies

MovieStarPlanet is a very fun virtual browser-based game for children where they can go online and create movies, play games, and chat with other players. There are many aspects of MovieStarPlanet, such as going into rooms and playing games, but the biggest part of MovieStarPlanet is making movies. You can play MovieStarPlanet either with a free membership or you can purchase the MSP VIP membership which gives you even more perks, exclusives, and benefits.

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Every week there are even movie competitions you can enter into with a special theme, and if you win these competitions you can win Diamonds, VIP and gold coins. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the best tricks and tips to making a good movie, which can help you level up in the game, become more famous and even win some of these MovieStarPlanet movie competitions. If you follow our tips on making good movies in MovieStarPlanet, you will be moving up the ranks in no time and you will become the Hollywood star you always wanted to be.

MovieStarPlanet Guide: Tips on Making Great Movies

Get High-Level Friends– If you are really wanting to impress in MovieStarPlanet, then you need to make movies using high-level friends. This is often times because the high-level players have cooler outfits and accessories as opposed to a new player who has not earned enough in-game currency to really up their wardrobe and fashion. Whether you are just making movies for fun or to win one of the movie competitions, you want to get the high-level players involved in your movies in order to make your movies more unique and special. The high-level friends also will have friends who will want to watch the movie as well because their friend is in it, and this can help you get more viewers to your movies and that in the end helps you get more fame and level up in MovieStarPlanet.

Use Themes– In the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions, you will have special themes each week you have to follow in order to have a chance at winning the competitions. Regardless of whether or not this is a competition movie or just a regular movie, you want to use themes in your movies and stick to them. Just like when you watch a movie at home, you want your movie to have a flow and direction to it, and the easiest way to do that is to follow a theme. It is like when you write a paper or do anything else in real life, having a theme helps you get every other part of your movie together.

Once you have your theme then you can go in and look at backgrounds and clothing options that would fit your theme. Having a theme just helps you gather your thoughts and decide which direction you want to go with your movie. When it comes to movies, giving yourself a theme really helps you put it all together and this will help you become more famous as you will seem like someone who knows what they are doing and talking about.

Use Various Accessories & Outfits– One way you can make a great movie in MovieStarPlanet is to change up your accessories and outfits regularly. You do not want to use the same outfits, shoes and accessories for each scene in your movie. You want each scene in your movie to be different because this helps keep the attention of your viewers and it makes it look like you put thought into your movie. Just like in real life, changing outfits and accessories is a huge part of the production of a movie, and if you want a great movie you need to do this as well. Even if you only change outfits and accessories a couple times in your movie at the beginning, it really helps keep the viewer connected and you will see that you get more views out of these movies.

Buy Backgrounds- Backgrounds are one of the components of the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions but it also should be utilized in your normal movies as well. You want to spend some of your in-game currency on purchasing backgrounds because it really can make a movie or a scene in your movie pop. On MovieStarPlanet, you want to do things that will make yourself stand out from other players, so the more you use backgrounds and relate them to your theme the better off you will be.

Backgrounds are also good because it can help tie the message of the movie or the theme together, and it is an easy way to help transition between scenes in your movie. While you do not want to spend a lot of in-game money on the backgrounds, you do want to have a nice collection of backgrounds that you can use in your movies and not make it seem like you are just going off one background the entire time.

Use Extras Sparingly- You want to have extras in your movie on MovieStarPlanet, but you do not want to use them excessively because this can be confusing to those watching your movie. Extras are good because it can help tie themes together and can bring a scene in your movie into focus, but too many extras can be a bad thing. You want to use the extras sparingly because you want your MovieStarPlanet avatar and character to be the main focus, and if you use too many extras then the focus is off of you and onto someone who does not even matter in your game. The only time extras are good in large doses is when your movie is centered on a theme about a party or group activity.

Use Correct Grammar & Pronounce Words Correctly- As with all types of art, you want to make sure you are using correct grammar and that you are pronouncing words correctly. If you are making a movie but you are mumbling words or messing up how you pronounce a word, then it will just bring the movie down and add confusion. If you are making a movie and you say “north” when you really mean “south” then it just seems like you do not know what you are talking about and people will not want to watch your movie because it makes absolutely no sense. When you make a movie, make sure you come off strong in your vocabulary and English.

If you do not know how to put a scene into words then look them up in the dictionary and thesaurus in order to find the right words. You want your sentences to be complete and make sense just as if you were saying them aloud. You should say each of your phrases outloud at home so you know how it sounds, and change words that do not make sense. Remember once you hit “Publish” on your movie, that is it and there is no going back and editing, so make sure you check your grammar over and get everything right before you hit that button. The better your grammar is in your movies on MovieStarPlanet, the more people will view your movie and the more famous you will become in the game.

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