MovieStarPlanet Guide: Rules for Keeping Your Account Safe

MovieStarPlanet is such a fun game for children because it can be played in a browser with a simple Adobe Flash Player add-on. In MovieStarPlanet, you can do many things with your movie star avatar, such as play games and chat with friends. You also can dress up your movie star in cool clothing, get pets and accessories, and make movies. Making movies is the highlight of MovieStarPlanet, because the more movies you make and more people watch, the more famous you become. The fame you earn by people watching your movies move you up in MovieStarPlanet, and you also can earn in-game currency to help you get the items you want. There is also a premium currency in the game, which requires either a VIP membership or you to pay real money to get, but the premium currency known as Diamonds allows you to get exclusive items from the shop.


You can play MovieStarPlanet on either a free membership or a VIP membership. The VIP membership requires you to pay real money, but it gives you a lot of benefits and perks as opposed to the free membership. You can earn free premium currency, which are the diamonds, and also have access to member-only items and parties. Regardless of which type of membership you have on MovieStarPlanet, there are things that you need to do in order to keep your account safe. When we say keep your account safe, we mean keeping scammers away from your MovieStarPlanet account, and also keeping your account active within the boundaries of the rules of the game. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a rundown of all of the rules and tips we have that can ensure your MovieStarPlanet is safe from hackers and spammers, and is also safe in terms of being banned for doing something wrong.

Keeping Your MovieStarPlanet Account Safe: General Tips

Never Ask or Share Passwords– If you want to keep your MovieStarPlanet account safe from hackers, you need to never tell anyone your MovieStarPlanet password. Likewise, if you do not want to get banned in MovieStarPlanet, you need to never ask anyone else for their password either. Giving out your password or trying to get the password of another player is wrong and can put your account at risk for hackers, scammers, spammers and a lot of other bad stuff.

MovieStarPlanet tips

Never Send Chain Letters– In MovieStarPlanet, you can get into serious trouble if you send chain letters to people. If you forward or try to post a chain letter on the forums you can get banned. This is not allowed in MovieStarPlanet. Another reason why you do not want to forward or send chain letters is because chain letters can contain links or images that have viruses in them or malware, which can end up causing your account to be hijacked by a scammer or spammer.

Do not Download or Use Bots– In MovieStarPlanet, some people will try to get an advantage in the game by using third-party software like hacks or bots. It is important you never download these bots because it could end up putting a virus on your computer. It also could end up putting malware onto your MovieStarPlanet account, which then could end up causing you to be banned if the malware posts things on your behalf. Your account could be locked by the person who created the malware if they put a keylogger into the bot. It is important to know that third-party software should not ever be ran in MovieStarPlanet because of the possible viruses, and also because it is considered cheating if you are trying to gain an advantage over other players.

Never Steal Items– You never want to trick a user or steal items from a MovieStarPlanet user. For one thing, you will quickly be banned from the game if you do this. You might even get a permanent ban if you steal or trick players. Another reason why you do not want to do this is because it puts your MovieStarPlanet account at risk. If you steal or trick a player, well they just might decide to come after you and hack you or cause you problems in your MovieStarPlanet account. There are people who will take it upon themselves to get even with you, and this creates a situation that could result in danger to your MovieStarPlanet account or personal information stored on MovieStarPlanet.

Never Harass Players- If you harass a player on MovieStarPlanet, you probably will be suspended or banned from the game. This obviously is not going to keep your account active on the website. Another reason why you do not want to harass players on MovieStarPlanet is just like with the previous situation, it could cause someone to come after you or retaliate. If you harass someone they might decide to hack into your account and spread malware or junk from your account, which could harm your account on MovieStarPlanet and your computer. You also could be setting yourself up for some real world problems, meaning the police could end up getting involved if the harassment is serious enough.

Keep Private Information Private– You also want to make sure you are keeping your personal information private. You do not want to tell people where you live, who you live with, your name, your email, your school or any other information that could be used to track you down in real life. Giving out this information could get you in trouble on MovieStarPlanet, possibly banned, but it is more about your real life safety in this situation. While MovieStarPlanet does a good job at keeping bad people off of the game, there are still people out there who have bad intentions. This could be someone who is trying to hook up with a younger person and using online websites and games like MovieStarPlanet to achieve those goals. It could also be someone who is mentally ill and it could lead to a lot of real life problems, such as harassment or stalking. You also have to think about your parents and siblings too, because someone could track you down and then track them down as well. That is also why it is a good idea to never get anyone mad at you in MovieStarPlanet, because some people will go to extremes to find out who you really are and then harass you outside of the game.

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