MovieStarPlanet Guide: Best Games to Play

There are a lot of games in MovieStarPlanet that you can play, whether you have a free membership or paid membership to the game. While games are not the biggest part of MovieStarPlanet, since the virtual world is mostly about making movies and becoming a famous person, it is still a huge component for a lot of players. Games not only can help you progress in MovieStarPlanet, but it can give you cool rewards too, such as Fame. Fame and StarCoins are two things you will need quite a bit of to get popular in MovieStarPlanet, and it helps you get the items you need for your movies.


We are going to tell you a little bit about what some of the best games are in MovieStarPlanet, and what you might earn as a reward in the game. Everything except the Arcade games is “Fame Games” and these are games that will earn you 150 to 500 points of Fame, depending on where you place in the game. Each of the Fame Games also allows you a free spin on the StarCoin Wheel, which means you will earn quite a few StarCoins by winning the game as well. By using our handy little game guide for MovieStarPlanet, it can help you find which games you would like to focus on in order to help you through the game.

MovieStarPlanet Games to Play

Arcade Games- Arcade games simply are games that you would find if you went to an arcade game website, and really do nothing in terms of helping you along in MovieStarPlanet. A lot of people still love to play the Arcade games because they are really fun, and include 9 different styles and types of games. You can play Creative, Puzzle, VIP, Sports, Platform, Adventure, All, Action, and Other. These games will not earn you Fame or StarCoins at all, but they are entertaining and a great way to pass the time in MovieStarPlanet.

Dress Up- Dress Up is what is known as a “Fame Game” which means you can earn between 150 and 500 Fame if you win the game. In Dress Up, you will see a word at the top of your screen and then you will need to dress up your avatar based on that theme, and you will use clothing that is provided for you in the game. There will be someone in the judge’s position who will judge you and the other players, and then the player who dressed up the best is picked. A winner is chosen in this game when your scorekeeper bar is filled all the way to the top star before the other players. The Fame Games do allow you to earn Fame even if you are in fourth place, but if you want to win the most Fame you need to be the winner of the competition. You will also win a spin on the StarCoins Wheel if you come in first place.

Quiz– If you are in MovieStarPlanet and want a trivia game to play, then head to Quiz. This is basically a random trivia game about various real life movie stars, and it is a multiple choice game so it is not too difficult. If you get your scorekeeper bar filled up first then you will win, and each correct answer moves you closer to the top of the scorekeeper bar.

Crazy Cards– In MovieStarPlanet, Crazy Cards is similar to Dress Up, meaning there is a word at the top of this game and you need to choose a card that matches the word. If you get the card correctly matching the word, you will earn points on the scorekeeper bar. Once your scorekeeper bar fills up and reaches the top star, you will win.

Friend Only- You can choose any of the Fame Games, which are all games except the Arcade games, and then play them with your friends. This is a cool way to play the games because you can compete against your friends and not people in MovieStarPlanet that you do not know.

Casting- Casting is a game that requires you to watch a little animations movie. You will need to then repeat all of the animations in the order you saw them in the movie by clicking on tabs at the top of the game. This is a Friend-Only game, but it is pretty cool because it is more of a memory game like Simon.

Catwalk– If you are above level 6, you can play Catwalk, which is similar to Dress Up. The difference though is that in Catwalk you have to dress up from your own outfits instead of the outfits MovieStarPlanet provides you in the game. You will need to have quite a few outfits though in order to really become good at this game, so try to wait until you are higher level to play and have a decent wardrobe.

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